• Leland (from 400 Days):

    Alt text

    Winston (guy who chases after you):

    Alt text

    There are some similarities but I think they're definitely two different characters.

    Also I was really upset with the dog scene. I didn't enjoy killing it, but I didn't enjoy watching it rip into Clem's arm either. I'm not sure what I think about that scene.

    • I know The Walking Dead is a really emotional game with lots of disgrace happening, but I just didn't expect the dog to do what he did, I trusted the animal, thought he would be Clem's partner through her adventures, even shared Clem's food with it. Then it just snaps and goes extremely hostile.

      From a more realistic point of view, if the dog was THAT hungry he would have attacked Clem on first sight.

  • Its not the same character.It was just Telltale being lazy with modelling.

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