• I think it's Christa. Remember the dying guy asking for water? That guy it's one from the scavengers threatens to Christa at the beginning of the game. Maybe she joined another survivor group who rescues her from the scavengers group or just maybe she is prisoner from this group, who knows.

  • I don't think it's gonna be Kenny. Telltale is gonna play around with the fans a bit more, since everyone knows Kenny will be back. So they will tease Kenny in every episode until he finally makes an appearance. I guess he won't appear before episode 4, or at least 3, so I am willing to bet that the returning character is either Lilly, Christa, ...Omid...? OR EVEN an old childhood friend of Clem of whom Clem just assumed they were dead because everyone in her neighborhood appeared to be dead.

  • I bet it's Kenny. If you guys remember in the first season. He got lost in the room with the zombies. But it did not mention anything about saying he died, There's a big chance it's Lilly either. Because In both chances she left you ( With the RV / Left her on the road ). But if you ask me, i dont want it to be lilly, she makes me pissed >.> I prefer kenny ,

  • My guess is Larry, with a new post-apocalyptic bionic face.

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