• I couldn't bring myself to do a scumbag Lee playthrough in Season 1 (I tried and got as far as the Drugstore before giving up), but for some reason I think doing a 'manipulator' Clementine actually sounds fun. Maybe I've just become more of a cold bastard since last year.

    Actually, if this Season goes where I think it's going then 'Callous Clementine' might be a better description.

  • Really? Do tell how Rebecca reacts to that line....

  • That wasn't cold in my opinion. The pregnant woman was being a real bitch and basically threatening her, Clem can't let herself get pushed around.

  • Cold but good. It's time to be tough. It's nice to see some change. Clem is not a little girl anymore. It's gonna be awesome.

  • I loved that about season 2. Clem ain't gonna let herself get pushed around by random bitches. If that Rebecca chick thinks she can pick on Clem for being a little girl, she is gonna be in for a baaaad ride.

  • I didn't show her my cards... I save that piece of info for myself. Some kind of Lilly's strategy... Reveal the info when I need it the most, no warnings.

    If she keeps bullshitting Clem, she gets it. THAT'S cold.

    • I warned her. I get a feeling this group is on the verge of collapse, and bringing that out at a "choice" moment might do more bad than good.

      Thought I might as well try to shut her up before I got in deeper.

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