• ..........You so did this on purpose....

  • I know The Walking Dead is a really emotional game with lots of disgrace happening, but I just didn't expect the dog to do what he did, I trusted the animal, thought he would be Clem's partner through her adventures, even shared Clem's food with it. Then it just snaps and goes extremely hostile.

    From a more realistic point of view, if the dog was THAT hungry he would have attacked Clem on first sight.

    By the way, I enjoyed murdering that treacherous piece of **** of a dog. Damn, I trusted him to be Clem's companion through her adventures in Season 2.

    Hate to quote myself, but I'm not writing all of that again with nothing new to add to it.

  • When you come between a starving animal and their food they can become hostile, thats how i saw it. Still shocked the hell out of me tho

  • That dog betrayed my trust :(

  • I think the main problem was when Clem tried to take the food back after the dog had gotten to it. I was startled at the time, but thinking about it, I am not surprised the dog attacked. I suppose the smart thing to do would have been to pour out the amount of food Clem was gonna give him, maybe on the "flying disk" (coughfrisbeecough) if she still had it. And then put that down for him. Then there wouldn't be the problem of taking the food from a starving animal that would trigger that response.

    Doubt it would have occurred to me at the time, though. :/

  • This is the reason, why we love TWD, isn't it? So much emotion in one moment. Ok, It's sad, but there are worse things.. For example the fact that zombies rule the world... :)

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