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Season 1 save game issues. Requesting Steam key.

posted by BattleXer on - Viewed by 997 users

I am having troubles getting Season2 to recognize the save games, too.
As far as I can tell, my WD S1 save games are in the correct location, which is as detailed in other threads in C:\Users\User\Documents\Telltale Games. The save game folder for season2 is sitting right next to it, as recommended in other threads. But the game does not give me an option to select any of my previous games from Season 1 or 400 Days.

I have bought Season 1 and 400 Days through Steam. And Season 2 through GreenManGaming. I did not realize at the time that I wasn't buying another Steam key, but a product which had to be registered and downloaded through TTG.
If I had have known, I would have purchased the game through steam and happily forked out another $9 to buy the Season 2 on Steam, and not have to deal with these completely unacceptable save game issues.
I have been trying to get the save games to work now for at least the last 2 hours, including time trawling these forums for answers, which I could have been spending playing the game instead.

This is very frustrating, as my time for gaming is rather limited as it is. And I feel as if I was tricked into buying a product that did not quite contain what was promised on the box. So if there is a way to get a Steam key instead of my current install, that would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

  • same goes for me, I was expecting Steam key and am experiencing problems. I'm about to give up and just play with "random" season 1 choices as offered by the game. This kinda defeats the games selling point that our choices effects the game... but those choices might not get remembered to season 2... sigh

  • Hi I have the same history as you (played Season 1 and 400 Days on Steam) and downloaded the game directly through Telltale.

    But I didn't have the save game issues. The second season did recognize my save game correctly and I was able to carry on my decisions. That said I'm not sure if your problems get solved with a steam key.

    I don't know what you did exactly to solve your issue. But make sure that are any files in 'C:\Users\YourWindowsUserNameHere\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead'. Please don't change anything in the folder though.

    I think that there should be around 70 save files and more importantly a file called 'prefs.prop'.

  • Just stumbled upon this good thread over here. Hope this helps.

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