Your Opinions on the New Characters?

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Ok, I'll make a list and I'll put in parentheses what I think. Then tell me what you think

Winston- (I thought he'd be a big character, but was a typical bandit. Wonder what happened to Christa??? Why was his group killed? And was that Roman?)

Sam- (I really liked him! He was so cool and it was nice to see an animal in WD. I thought it would be cool if he became Clementines like little companion but I guess not. Shame he went ape-shit, but I guess a starving dog in the apocalypse would but pretty hard... I killed him )

Luke- (He's my new bro of the season, behind Omid... But-yeah He was really nice and supportive if Clementine and seems to be a good survivalist. If there's a choice between going with him and some other character, I choose him, guys a total bro)

Pete- (Another character I liked a lot! I call him Anti-Roman! Looks like were off to a good start! He was really wise and a very good leader and survivalist. He would be a good leader for Season 2's group, but I chose Luke. Even if you did save him, I don't think he'll bring much with a missing calf )

Nick- (First of all, TELLTALE YOU TROLLS Seriously Nick looks almost exactly like a younger Kenny. He kind if reminds me if Kenny as well. I kind of disliked Nick at first, he seemed clumsy and mean. But I warmed up to him shortly, especially after his little story about his mom. I feel bad about him losing Pete though...)

Alvin- (Once again another bro character. I thought he looked really nice from the start, and when it came to choosing who to dude with, I chose him because he seemed like he would fall for Clem's puppy eye bullshit haha! Good job Clem! Anyway, this guy seems really nice. Rebecca's a bitch, though.)

Carlos- (I like him enough and he's a doctor so that's good for the future. He seems to overprotective of his daughter though. I mean c'mon just let her grow up. I just faked being nice to him when he gave me the lecture about Sarah... Whatever)

Rebecca- (Hate this bitch. She reminds me of what I thought of Christa at first, but she's so fucking worse. I know she's nude stress with the baby and all, but come on! I asked whose baby it was haha. It was funny pissing her off. Hopefully she'll warm up to me.)

Sarah- (I really like her. It's also nice to see another kid in the WD universe who isn't a colossal bitch cough Becca cough I think she'll be sort of a moral compass for Clem. Like she'll calm her down if you choose anger of dick dialogue options. I loved the pinker swear, by the way haha. I still don't know about her dad, though :/)


  • Winston - Loved how he underestimated Clementine and got downright frustrated. That was him, right?

    Sam - Instantly reminded of Call of Duty: Ghosts. Fitting twist at the end, though. That death scene was fucking rough though, I tell you.

    Luke - I have a strange feeling he and Clementine will be at odds somewhere down the line, much like with Lee and Kenny/Lilly. Right now he seems supportive, probably because he felt super bad about how he treated her when he thought she was bitten. Great bit of characterization there; even the nice guys aren't perfect.

    Pete - Reminds me of a less asshole version of Hershel. I felt like leaving him at the end of episode 1 was the obvious choice given the zoom-in on his bitten leg, so obviously I saved him. Looks like he's gonna cut off his leg too. Though he's conspicuously absent in the rest of the next episode teaser...anyways he seems a pragmatic fellow and he could teach Clementine a thing or two.

    Nick - He's a pissed off kid, like a more honest version of Ben. I think he's a good kid and he's set up for an interesting arc provided he lives.

    Alvin - I appealed to his intelligence and he seemed easily intimidated by Clementine, but even more so by Rebecca. Kind of a pussy. I don't expect him to be very helpful.

    Carlos - The Larry of this season? Though I thought he'd be nicer to Clem, but I guess nobody fucks with his daughter and gets away with it.

    Rebecca - No Lilly at all. She could be redeemable as a character though. Her pregnancy is definitely going to be a source of conflict in season 2, so I'm interested to see how that plays out.

    Sarah - I can imagine only terrible, terrible things to happen to her. She seems like this season's Duck, and dumb kids never last long.

  • Winston: Thought he looked like Leland from 400 days. + He seemed like a weak man, trying to take on an 11 year old girl. And yes that was Roman dead, it was confirmed by Telltale.

    Sam: Yeah was great :) i thought he'd be a friend Clem throughout the season but i knew once he turned on her because he was starving he'd end up dying. Hard scene to watch but yeah i put him out of his misery.

    Luke: Mixed feelings. He does seem like a decent guy and him and Clem look like they're starting a bond but we've seen how quick people can change. For now i'll be his friend but i don't trust him 100%. He just seems TOO nice. He could be genuine but have to wait and see.

    Pete: White version of Lee ;) The guy seems down to earth and respectful to others. He seems like he has a smart head and makes the right decisions. I chose to save him because Nick was able to get away where as Pete would've died and we don't know if his actually bitten or not until the second episode. Yes it looks like his about to saw his leg off but telltale has a way of trolling us. If his bitten, i'll save Nick when episode 2 comes out, if not i'll keep my first decision.

    Nick: I knew telltale would troll us with Nick being Kenny haha, i had a feeling it was coming. Yeah he seems clumsy and stupid but i think that being treated like a failure by Pete's made him like that. He seems like a good dude, hope he gets back to the group in the next episode for those who picked Pete instead of Nick.

    Alvin: Vagina whipped. Does what ever the Black Female version of Larry says, and the baby might not even be his. Honestly, he looks smart but by the looks of him so far his weak minded and easily dominated. Needs to grow a pair.

    Carlos: Seems like an asshole to be honest. Giving me lectures about shit so i just told him not to threaten me. After all, he seems pretty stupid. He'd know if it was a Walker or "lurker" bite from a Dog bite yet he still didn't trust Clementine. Needs to stop being angry and take a chill pill.

    Rebecca: Deadset dickhead. Telltale obviously is trying to make us hate her like Larry and Ben and then something will happen to her where you either give in to your hate or help/save her. Either way, she gave Clementine no chance at all. Same with you, i asked her who's baby it was and threatened that she should be nice to me. Badass Clementine laying the smackdown haha. You're treated how you treat people.

    Sarah: Well at some point she's going to encounter something dangerous and if Carlos keeps hiding her away from the world as we know it then she's going to be in some serious shit unless she hardens up.

  • I like it! And Roman is dead I guess. He could've been a good antagonist though :/

    Mrwalto69 posted: »

    Winston: Thought he looked like Leland from 400 days. + He seemed like a weak man, trying to take on an 11 year old girl. And yes th

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    Sam- RIP buddy. He bit Clementine and he's a fricking arse for it but his death was needless and seemed like cheap emotional impact (worked, though)

    Luke- Sort of like him, but I'm not sure we should trust him yet.

    Pete- Same as Luke... I should've saved Pete. After all, he gave Clementine a chance when she got bit by Sam.

    Nick- Bit of a douche, seems like he was put in to troll us about Kenny :(

    Alvin- No opinion on him yet, considering he's done nothing.

    Carlos- Bit of an arsehole, but we might be able to get him on our side, much like Kenny.

    Rebecca- Bitch. Don't like her.

    Sarah- Not keen on her... the whole pinky swear thing was stupid and lowered the tone a bit. She'll probably die like Duck did.

    I would've prefered Luke, Pete + 400 Days crew. Hopefully we'll see them in the future.

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