• "See, Clem is only about 10-11 years old and she's performing surgery on herself with no local anesthetic! And she can take on walkers by herself having not eaten for at least a day!"

    Its not like Clem pretty much had a choice to begin with, her forearm was wounded and exposed to infection and im pretty sure it hurts like hell considering that it was a dog bite (dog bites can be lethal in real life).

    One last thing to complain about :P I felt the voice over director should have picked up on when Clementine comments on her forearm after the surgery- her line is delivered so calmly- "That should do it". Not a few seconds ago Clem was screaming in agony;

    Yeah i think you have a point there, but thats just minor

  • Yeah its fantastic. I was hoping she'd become a badass, and she did not disappoint.

  • I kinda agree about the after surgery scene.

    She was all screaming and stuff ... And seconds later all calm.

    • Hah! That Rambo shot is awesome!

      Although it is a minor point, for me it kind of brought me out of that suspension of disbelief which Telltale is so good and keep me in! I felt that in a game like this which relies on subtlety and light touches, it was a bit of a mistake. It's just that after season 1 was so good - I have high expectations for this season.

      • I totally get what you guys are saying but before she performed the surgery she also said something like "nows the fun part" or something like that. To me the whole scene she was kinda nonchalant, I kinda liked it. It only added to her badassness. Yeah maybe unrealistic, but then again it is a game about zombies.

  • Still. Not. BITTEN!

    walker bites Clementine

    Uh, nevermind.

  • I took the calm delivery as her trying to calm herself down after her ordeal. Self-soothing like.

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