• That...is...weird....

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    I won't go that far to eat the dog...

  • She was hurt badly and probably more concerned about getting back to Christa or finding help. I know I would be trying to move on from that place rather then setting up a fire and cooking a dog, it'd be too dangerous there not knowing where you really were either.

    Disappointed I was not.

    • Yeah. I didn't say her not eating the dog didn't make sense. Which it did considering the circumstances. I'm just a bit disappointed it was an option. Just a bit.

      Would have been nice for clem to bring a doggy bag with her when she went to that house. ;)

      • Haha at least that way she would have had proof with her that she was attacked by the dog.

        • That kinda pissed me off... the whole "doctor can't tell a human- from a dog bite". You don't need to have studied medicine to differentiate between a human and a canine's bite mark. Hell, even a single tooth would leave different marks, let alone a whole jaw. It suited the story, but put my suspension of disbelief on a test it won't stand multiple times.

          • Yea I completely agree with you, I'm sure I'd be able to tell the difference! The doctor however seems a little off to me, most people become doctors to help people and I know it's harsh times but he didn't seem to give a crap what happened to Clem which sent alarm bells ringing.

            I can see him being a problem later along with his daughter, but thats kinda of topic lol

          • Also saying he'd check clem in the morning to see if fever set in and, if it had, that meant it was a walker bite. Cus an untreated, uncleaned bite from a dog that's probably been eating walkers, left on an arm overnight in a cold, dirty shed outside won't cause a fever at all.

            • Also, considering that in the walking dead world, everybody turns when they die. If the wound would have gotten heavily infected and she would die from it.. Ye. It would trick them.

              • Little bit of fridge brilliance for you that only just occurred to me.....

                This new group seems to be extremely sheltered and cut off from the world. Assuming they've been there the entire time what if they don't know that dying makes you turn period? Granted the doctor still seems a bit off to me but if they don't know this fact they it could easily explain the mindset. Plus had Clem died from infection/blood loss and they found her as a walker the next day then they honestly might not put two and two together and would likely assume "Well she lied....it was a walker bite."

  • People that have never experienced starvation don't understand what it's truly like. Twice in my life I have gone more than ten days without any real food. I would've eaten the dog and the beans. Would've been realistic if eating the dog had been an option. But I don't find it disappointing that the option wasn't there.

    • Thank you, this is all I'm really saying. It makes sense that a person who's freakin starving wouldn't bawk at doing such a thing.

      Maybe I should have said slightly disappointed? Also I've been down that starvation road as well.

  • I know how it is to have no food for days...but i don't think I could do such thing like eating a dog, even if I was in the same position as Clementine

  • pretty sure she would be on the "verge of starvation", she and christa /were/ getting some weasel type thing ready to tuck in to.

  • Yeah I agree to the point sam was a good source of food, i dont get the hate on eating dog compared to eating other animals

    • Yeah. Plenty of people freak out about the idea while ignoring that pigs are eaten by the millions despite potentially being smarter than dogs, but I suppose that's all part of a different debate.

      As for Clem's situation, I think there's a difference between simply choosing to eat dog, and having a child trying to salvage raw meat from one. And even if she was the type to consider it, I think her wound was putting a halt on a lot of things.

  • Eeh I'm not too certain, but I think animals is how the virus spread so quickly within the first few days. In the TV series, at least. So I was actually surprised when the bite didn't have that zambie virus on it. Back to the point, eating dog might've given the virus to Clem

    • WTF? everytime i post something with the spoiler box checked it seemingly works fine at first, but when I reload the page there's a second post without the spoiler warning?

      (using Safari)

    • She already has the disease. Everyone does. That's why you turn into a walker no matter how you die.

  • The meat is tainted, would not eat.

  • I wanted her to kill it and she did.
    So all good.

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