• For me it was just hard to kill Lee. I know he was suffering but I just couldn't. Its like a loved one in the hospital..you just can't pull the plug even though you probably should.

    • If a loved one is suffering it's love that moves you to pull the plug because you cant stand to see the loved one suffer. Not pulling the plug is selfishness not love. People don't pull the plug because they don't want to feel the pain of losing a loved one. They're putting their own feelings before the suffering of the person they love, and they fail to see this because they're blinded by grief.

      • Like rabscuttle1 said: Real love is making the descision of what is best for your loved ones not what you can or can't live with or without yourself... Not shooting Lee is giving him a fate worse then dead AND that he didn't deserve!

        • people dont care about lee living, only clem. that's why they put him to that fate

  • I seen the dog and felt sorry for it, yes I was still pissed at it but I felt sorry for it. Animals have a natural instinct to attack anyone who tries to take food away from them, he obviously saw Clem as a threat. Lee sheltered her, took her and and did everything he could to protect her. He was like a father to Clem, shooting somebody you are that close to can be traumatic but mercy killing a wounded animal doesn't carry the same impact and guilt as finishing off your closest friend, even out of mercy.

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    I think it is easier to kill an animal than a human, especially someone you care about like lee. Where as it is much easier to kill a dog that just attacked you. Although it is interesting how someone can accept a dog attacking over food, but not a human.

  • Well, since my position is to give a “mercy shot” on both of them I can just speculate. But I believe the case is that even if both were suffering and dying, the dog’s scene was more painful.

    While Lee was in peace with the situation, the dog was clearly in pain and that moment destroyed me. It is not really a choice between killing or not a person and dog, but just answering the question “do I really need or should kill this dog/person”.

    And I must disagree with OGC, it is not easier to kill a dog. I would consider it something between as hard as and harder. People choosing to kill the dog do not show that it was easier to kill it, but that it was harder to watch it slowly dying.

  • I think this may just be me being a life long animal lover. But before I even saw the predicament sam was in, his whimpering started off what was easily my most heart-wrenching moment in TWD by a football fields length. Then seeing him was about that times ten. I had no problem putting down either of them because I have performed every mercy kill that has come to me. I also believe that sam's suffering just flat out looks alot worse than Lee's did. Personally I don't think I could ever bring myself to choose to walk away from the dog no matter how many playthroughs I do.

  • I couldn't be the only one that shed a tear right?

    • I did it too. I cry till now. I don't know, why but, i cant hurt, kill animals in games or in real. That was the pretty same thing. I couldn't kill that dog, he was "little Clem friend", she pet him, she had fun with him.. I don't know, i couldn't... I cry till now. TELLTALE WHY, WHY DID YOU KILL THAT DOG, it could be her friend :(

    • I did, I knew they wouldent keep a dog around for the story, but jeese. Many man tears were shed.

    • Yeah, I was destroyed by that part too. At the moment I saw that dog I thought ´´… oh boy, not the dog``. But, nevertheless, it was hard to see.

    • i cryed in episode 4 of season 1 when i burried the dog and i did the same when i put the dog down in season 2 :(

  • I didn't put the dog down for the simple reason that i didn't wanna go near it again. It might have been staked by 2 of the tents poles but still the thought of it again clamping it's jaws on Clem seemed not so farfetched at that time!

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