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Season 2 Episode 4 Discussion: Out Now: PC/Mac, PS3, Vita, Xbox 360, iOS, Kindle, Android

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Since episode 3 is not out for everyone yet, please use this thread to talk about the wait for episode 4, so as not to spoil those who haven't had a chance to play the episode yet.

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  • PC/Mac (Telltale Store and Steam) - July 22nd, 2014
  • PlayStation 3 and Vita (North America) - July 22nd, 2014
  • PlayStation 3 and Vita (EU) - July 23rd, 2014
  • Xbox 360 (Worldwide) - July 23rd, 2014
  • iOS App Store - July 24th, 2014
  • Android - August 14th, 2014

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  • I hope the wait is shorter like with Season 1.
    • If it was anything like the wait for E3, it'll be 1 week shorter. That counts as shorter in Telltale's mind apparently. Funny how Telltale released 2.5 hour episodes for S1 sooner than they do 1.5 hour episodes for S2 now.
      • Worse is they make us wait 3 months to play a 2 hour episode. Pathetic.
      • I thought that was because they sometimes move parts of episodes to other episodes if they feel it fits the pacing more.
      • I thought they felt shorter. I wasn't sure if it was just me getting well and truly back into the groove of the game by quickly making choices based on what my Clem would do. If the wait was a little longer I could bear it for longer episodes because as good as the episodes are they still leave me feeling a little unsatisfied.
        • That's the thing...they FEEL shorter. The longest episode in Season 1 is episode 4, which is a solid 2 hours if you don't mess up, get lost in a puzzle(I lost 10 minutes in the sewers the first time through) or die repeatedly...

          The difference is in pacing. In season 2, episode 1 is a constant thrill ride and it feels shorter because you can't stop to take a breath except to throw a couple frisbees at Sam (the dog).

          As for episodes 2 and 3, they lasted long enough that I wasn't disappointed when they ended, but also did not run too long as to force me to pause in the middle of the episode because I couldn't finish it.

          I'm thinking episode 4 will be longer than the others, just like season 1. The reason is simple: You want your final episode to have one main theme. In season 1, the title said it all: Clementine was kidnapped. There was "no time left" for fun & games. You had to rescue Clem, teach her a few final lessons and cry your heart out for the last 10 minutes of the game.

          So my guess is that we'll get a long-ish 4th episode to set the stage for the finale, then a normal, 90-100 minute ride for the season's ending.

          • You know, you make a VERY valid point. I never thought I would ask for less action-packed gameplay... yeesh.

          • I think it's doing that not because of laziness in the game developer's department, but due to the difference in stories. Before, Lee was in a lot of houses and faced a lot more puzzles that took time to figure out how to get into a house or get past a blockade. That isn't really happening in Season 2 as much. In fact I don't recall many things in Season 2 so far that we genuinely had to think to get past a problem. This season is a lot more communicating with the other characters and such. I recall Clem having to search some buckets for food, find some medical supplies, episode 2 had nothing I can quite recall puzzle-wise, just action... And episode three was about the same. I am not saying I am complaining, I'm just saying it seems that the fact that Lee was an adult that had to figure things out was much more evident in Season One. Season 2 is very "stay alive as a little girl and avoid things" instead.

  • I don't really know what to think. I heard about TWAU's Ep 4 classification, so maybe Amid The Ruins will come out slightly shorter than In Harm's Way?
    • God, I hope so and I hope they don't just skip to after the horde because I really want to pick up where it ended mid-horde with Sarita dealing with what just happened. Poor woman. Hell, poor everybody at this point.
    • Plus the trophies for Amid the Ruins is already out, it's on my PS3, so the only way it can be there is that they have good portion of the episode already completed.

      I also think I know the real reason why the episodes are released every two months so far; it's actually because during those months not only were they actually focusing most of their work on each next episode release, but also so that way the have time to do portions of the future episodes that were not yet to be looked forward to.
  • I loved episode 3, but after seeing the preview for episode 4, I am not so excited.
    I also believe these episodes need to get longer, that episode should of kept going. They ended it at the highest point of the episode. Was very disappointed to see the episode was over one hour and 30 minutes in.
    • If I remember correctly the preview for In Harm's Way didn't seem that exciting as well, but when we saw the trailer and actually played, it was FUCKING INSANE!
    • Well the teasers never seem to be all that "exciting" especially because they aren't meant to spoil the episode. The official trailer is what you should be interested in... when it comes out.
    • I completely agree with you - the past few previews have not gotten me pumped up for the episodes. But the episodes have been pretty great, especially episode 3, so I imagine Telltale just doesn't want to expose too much.
    • That is the point of being Episodic. The end of the episode is a cliffhanger. And just because you completed it in a short amount of time, does not mean the same for others. I see so many people complaining about the length of these episodes.. It makes no sense. If they were 30 minutes and had the great story still, I wouldn't care.

  • Here we go again... We still love you telltale :)
  • I wonder if Nate will show up in EP4. Seems like the prime time for him to finally make an appearance, wonder what he's been up to. I sure hope the other 400 Days characters get more than just a cameo in the next episode, it was disappointing that we hardly got any interaction with them (besides Bonnie) as Clem.
    • I can care less about Nate. I want to see what happened to Christa.
      My dream of molly returning was shot down when that one lady turned out to be named Jane.
      I wan't to see Lilly again as well.
      • yes I want to know about christa. nate I could careless. but he does interest me where he could be. also molly. as is my theory that jane is molly's sister, I can only hope.
        • I dont think jane is molly's sister but she could be?
          • I don't think it is her.Molly's sister on the photo has dark brown hair. (maybe she dyed her hair ^^")
          • I don't think Molly's sister is alive :l remember she is diabetic, without insulin well :l... Besides im pretty sure those crawford guys killed her :l
      • I'll probably get lots of down votes for this, but I'd rather see Nate than Christa. I'm interested in seeing how Nate would interact with Clem & the others.
        • I'm interested in seeing both, but yeah, I wanna see how Nate will handle himself around Clem and the cabin group. I wonder how he'll show up though.. I certainly hope they'll do him justice this season, in 400 Days he was such a well-established character.
      • Finding Lilly or Molly along with Kenny would be very unrealistic. But a lily return would be interesting. I feel like she would have either of gone crazy or became more sane.

  • we did it we made it too episode 3 know we gotta go to the road for episode 4

    Road to Episode 4 Amid the ruins

    btw anyone know when the achievements of episode 5 come out
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    AmazingAura01 BANNED
    Time to wait again.
  • I have a question for you.

    Is Nick Breckon writing Ep 4? I heard he will write No Going Back, but I don't know about Amid The Ruins. I so loved his plot.
  • And now we're doing this again....
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