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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    You took the worlds out of my mouth.

    The 16 months time jump... It kind of took away my The Walking Dead feeling.

    No more jumps in time Telltale!

    I hope you take notice of this @puzzlebox

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      puzzlebox Telltale Staff

      But that would mean we'd have to completely scrap the part where you play Clem as a badass old lady and bash walkers in with your purse!

      • Ok, you get one more time jump, but after that no more!

      • I look forward to this episode.

        I hope rocking chair Kenny makes an appearance

      • i personally hope to playing Clem untill she is in her mid 20s but we all know how u guys work. i was surprised to be bitten as Lee, but with clem i hope she makes it at least the whole season. There really is ALOT of potential story telling with Clem. She could even lead a group if she lives long enough. idk. I've just grown so attached to her. oh and plze no more angry dogs, i just cant leave it to suffer but i was kinda hopeing he would stick with me till at least EP2.

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        FreddeN93 BANNED

        @puzzlebox It's just... I don't know Clementine anymore. She's a stranger to me in Season Two. I was very happy to see her as she was in Season One in the Season Two prologue, but after getting to know her as 11 years old, I kind of just wanetd to re-play Season One again and just stick with that. I'd have loved to just resume where we left off in S01EP5.

        • Could be nostalgia. One of the major themes this season is her growing up, which I think was handled pretty well. Maybe once things slow down and we get to interact with the group a little bit more that side of her that some people find missing can reappear. I smiled when she was holding the can of beans and said "Please don't be bad..."

        • Could we stop the dramatics Freddie...
          I mean really it was 16 months not 16 years..

    • Time jump was necessary to make Clementine a little older, thus a little more capable on her own, without Omid and Christa.

  • my only actual complaint Is Frankly, It was a bit predictable. Mainly the dog Bite, Saw the Dog turning feral, Instantly knew the group would fin dher and assume she was bitten. (reminds me of some fiction I wrote once)

    Yeah, I honestly think the characters just need some fleshing out. I think Omid's death would've been better if not so random or was actually after the time skip. I mean if it actually just started at the time skip and had some dialogue about the baby...Yeah,

    • Honestly, the exact moments you pointed out, were the most unpredictable in my eyes. My opinion of course.

      • There's always someone who dislikes something because they "predicted it," because it's cliched or because you're trained to expect the unexpected. You can't win with these people, and I think it's a stupid point of criticism anyway, reducing good and bad storytelling to what is or isn't predictable. Myself, I did not expect the dog attack even though I know to always anticipate a sudden scare in TWD. At the same time, I knew that Clem would find someone else or another group at some point since this is a story being told here, which needs characters to interact with, but that no less diminishes my enjoyment; in fact, it would suck without it.

  • Well, I agree with you.
    In fact I'm a little disappointed. I like Clementine alot but in comparison to Season 1, Episode 1. This was not a good start.
    Characters were poorly introduced and some things happend to hasty.
    It appears telltale changed the gameplay with 400 Days even more to interactive Film.
    While in Episode 1, I had many moments were I could just talk to the people and get attached to them, this episode start was just a rush through were I was able to do a little bit but nothing to get in touch with any character... not even Clementine.

    Just remember in EP1 of S1, we started slowly in the Police Car and had a talk with the officer, then the crash, the first meeting with Clementine, Hershels Farm, the Mackon Drugstore, the People I got to know there and then the beginning of the Motor Inn.
    Hopefully Telltale will improve with Episode 2 until then I wouldn't recommend anybody to buy the game.

    • i agree up until you saying u wouldn't recommend the game. i mean shit that's like not getting COD MW2 Cuz they added/removed a feature from the first COD MW game. i thoroughly enjoyed it, yes it was too quick and hasty, but i connected to Clem-Clem, and Luke, Peter. but yeah

    • "Just remember in EP1 of S1, we started slowly in the Police Car and had a talk with the officer, then the crash, the first meeting with Clementine, Hershels Farm, the Mackon Drugstore, the People I got to know there and then the beginning of the Motor Inn. Hopefully Telltale will improve with Episode 2 until then I wouldn't recommend anybody to buy the game."

      We started slowly talking about Christa's baby and washing our face off, then the attack and Omid's death, then 16 months later you and Christa are being attacked, you get seperated, you find a dog and start eating food, the dog attacks you and leaves a bite, you almost fall unconcious, Luke and Pete save you, they think it's a walker bite, you wake up to a group arguing about what to do with you, we're introduced to Rebecca, Alvin, Nick, Carlos, and Sarah, they trap you in a shed to find out whether or not it's a walker bite, you escape, become friends with (or threaten) Sarah, steal supplies, stitch your own arm, kill a walker, find out that Sarah's "different", accept or decline Nick's apology, find out about Carver and the bodies at the lake (one of them being Roman), find one of Christa's attackers, give or decline water to him, and go to either Pete or Nick, and see a cliffhanger preview of Clementine saying "I thought you were dead". I don't know about you, but to me, THAT WAS A DAMN GOOD EPISODE.

  • Yeah, I agree with TeamKennyAlways. And also, if there are some people who will disagree with him, please don't insult him just because he doesn't like the episode.

  • um the time jump yes I agree with though everything else I dont agree with

    Omid was just to avoid skipping it completly and I felt the baby spoke for itself it was gone.

    For the dog it was meant to lull you into that sense of bonding over episodes however it was there to make when it turned on you so much more eventfull and shocking however it made sense the dog was starving and you were a stranger.

    And the cabin group well your meant to be suspicious of each other no one is going to be holding there arms open for a stranger that they thought was bit.

    However I agree you make some good point apart from your comment about nick looking like Kenny and this being wrong... thats ridiculous all the characters have similarities and Nick dosn't really look like him.

    • I'm just saying, Nick looked a lot like Kenny from behind in the trailer and a lot of people believed it was Kenny.

      Therefore the way I see it is that he was made to look like Kenny for trolling the Kenny fans.

      • But ... I... guh .. I just watched the trailer and the only simarities are black hair and a hat and thats only for one second of a trailer how is that trolling people?

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          Mrwalto69 BANNED

          Because, you only see the back of him which looks like Kenny. It was a way to keep people talking about the game and say "Oh, Kenny's back guys"!
          Personally, i didn't think it was Kenny. i WANTED it to be but i think if Kenny is alive they'll have a big unexpected return.
          It could be Kenny who Clem says "I thought you were dead" at the end of the trailer for episode 2 but could be Lily as well, only problem is that Clem wouldn't think Lilys dead and Christa and Omid probably told Clem that Kenny had died so at this stage i'm going Kenny but wouldn't shock me if it wasn't him and telltale trolls us again.

      • Therefore the way I see it is that he was made to look like Kenny for trolling the Kenny fans.

        Yes, companies just LOVE purposely pissing off large demographics of its customers.

    • Yeah I completely agree with your point about the cabin folks. I mean don't we remember back in Episode 1 of Season 1 that Larry and Lily were ready to throw all of you out, not to mention kill Duck since Larry thought he was bitten? It only broke up because Larry's heart started acting up. Like Carley, Glen, and Doug, the cabin folks have a few nice people there too. Plus a lot of time has gone by, naturally the walkers are starting to take their toll on people and their compassion.

      I was really upset about the dog. I was hoping so badly he'd be a companion, he was so cute. :(

      Also killing off Omid so quickly is the Walking Dead's style, I suppose (I miss him though!). I've heard the comic is pretty unforgiving and even the most beloved characters tend to die, some faster than others.

      In regards to the baby, I think it is a bit refreshing for the game to not completely explain everything. I mean didn't Mark back in Episode 2 Season 1 just kind of show up? No one really explained how he got there, we just know he was at an air base and had food. It is left to us to fill in the details, which doesn't have to be a bad thing.

      The pacing is definitely really fast and starting off pretty dark and we're not used to it yet, but let's see where Telltale is going with this storyline. Might get even better.

      • Yeah, it'll surely get a lot better, it was only the first episode.

        I wasn't amazed when I played the first episode of season 1. I thought it was good, but I didn't go "HOLY CRAP THIS GAME IS AWESOME" Until episode 2. IMO season 2 episode one is on par with season 1 episode 1. They both have their strengths and weaknesses. And if people are assuming every episode is going to be just like the first, then I can assure them that they are wrong. There was plenty of variance in the season 1 episodes.

        Its only the first episode, we've only briefly met with most of the characters, they aren't fleshed out yet. people need to stop jumping to conclusions, it was a very solid start to the season.

    • Plus,if you bonded with the dog then the dog wouldn't have attacked you.He would have stayed loyal.

      • Hmm actually, I think there was some bonding but eventually survival instincts override whatever bonding there is - not that it's surprising since Sam and Clem just met and the bond can't be that strong yet. Sam is a starving dog, and remember that Clementine basically snatched back the can of beans, which could have sent the wrong message to it, resulting in it attacking Clem.

  • I wouldn't call it a "badly written episode" but I do agree with you in some points. For example, time-skipping in video games bother me a lot because I want to know what happens in between that time. And we really haven't spent that much time with the new survivors. You expect a group of survivors like in Season 1 with multiple likable characters like Kenny, Carley, Mark, etc but maybe this new group of survivors have gone through many more situations that have caused them to come across as "unlikable." But give the season some time, It's only the first episode :P, from the look of the preview picture of episode 3, it seems to me like you're going to bond with someone who you least expected ;)

  • I half agree with you. I think Omid's death was fine. It was a moment when things went really dark. Omid was probably my favorite. For Christa's baby agree with you. What was the point of pregnancy? Maybe it will become more clear as season progress if not BAD WRITING. Time skip is ok but i would prefer without it too. I liked dog stuff. I like to get shocked :). I dont like this new group too. Characters are assholes and not interesting but they got potenial. It was only introduction to darker tone i think. Real stuff is coming :).

  • Really? I thought the writing was fantastic. Huh. :/

    • Don't know if you are joking, but same here. Only thing I abosultely hate so far are the characters. I kind of like Luke and Pete, but the rest are either Boring or Assholes

      • The characters were just introduced. There are FOUR episodes left for them to grow on you. If all you played of Season 1 was episode one, Larry and Lily would seem like the "assholes" and all of the characters were pretty boring to start.

        • I compare only on this base.S1 E1 against S2 E1. Of course my expectations were high, maybe unfair high. But this Season start didn't left me with the "Damn" feeling behind.
          This is how I feel and nobody needs to agree. Just my opinion :)

        • Very true, I didn't think about it letting them grow on me. I think i'm just used to the Season 1 characters and how much I loved 'em. I have new hope for these characters now, thanks Wyro :D

          • Well, no i'm not joking. :/ It appealed to me because there were a lot of shocking moments, which is a big part of the walking dead.

            • but throwing in shocks for the sake of shocks is not walking dead. Throwing in shocks at just the right moments is. "Oh shock Omid is dead" to "Shocker Christa is dead" to "OMG DOG ATTACK" etc... doesn't make for a depressing story IMO, just a laughable one.

              • And i thought it was well timed. The dog attack for example, the dog doesn't just come out of the bushes and instantly comes after you, you estabilish a connection with it firsthand with the petting and throwing the disc and the game makes you think "Oh cool, i got a dog buddy now!" And then BAM THE DOG FUCKS YOU UP, it really surprised me and i loved that moment. And then you decide if you leave it to die slowly and painfully or just mercy kill it. A lot of people feel bad for dogs because dogs are more or less innocent creatures, and although i thought the asshole didn't deserve to be mercy killed, i would understand why does it make others feel bad.

                Omid was also one of people's favorite characters, he's nice and funny, you wouldn't expect him to get killed off so soon, right? Nope. One of your favorite characters is now gone, congratulations, go weep in misery.

                Also, Christa didn't confirm to be killed, right? It was an offscreen situation, much like Kenny's scene. I'm not gonna believe it until i see the body.

                So no, i didn't laugh at all. Moments like these came out of nowhere, when i least expected them, and that's why i adore this epsiode much like the other ones.

              • We don't even know if Christa is dead, I doubt she is.

                And as Maximus mentioned below it wasn't a sudden "ZOMG DOG ATTACK". The dog scene was excellent. You bond with the dog, and it only attacks you when you attempt to take away the food (which is something that would definitely happen if you tried to grab food from a feral dog). I definitely don't feel it was just shock for the sake of shock.

        • But Larry was an Asshole.

  • theres some points where i think you're right.. But i think the part about the dog was cool, because ofcourse most people choose to be nice and feed the dog, and an 11 year old would probably also do that, and then it attacks.. well it had been starving too. it's not a cute little dog like before the apocalypse. It was really a great surprise moment for me, and i think it was a great idea.

    • Yeah. A long-term canine companion/friend/guardian with no selfish survival instincts of its own would have been a total cliche and completely out of place in TWD.

    • I think it's also a message. As with the dog, you can't trust survivors just because they're nice at first. You have to be cautious, no matter how nice they seem. Readers of the comics will know this especially.

    • I agree. The suprise element there combined with that dramatic decision was one of the best moments in the episode. TWD world is about survival. I think it was kinda nice to show that harsh truth like that, we're used to get hostile reaction from other humans, they try to rob others, kill them for their supplies etc. The dog did the same, it was hungry, it didn't want to share its food, his survival instinct triggered and it attacked Clementine. It was a disturbing scene but it was well written.

  • Only "problem" I had was the time jump, however at the same time I realize it makes sense. Shes still with Christa and I imagine Christa advocated complete avoidance of groups so it was basically a year of them moving around cooking weasels. Things would have continued this way except for they happened upon the bandits who got Christa. Before that, I reckon nothing really eventful happened aside from looking for food and killing walkers as needed. That and the baby's death, which I am curious about, but I dont need to see a woman miscarry or a baby starve to know one of those two things happened.

    • After hearing you explain the time Jump I think that's a great way to feel about it. They probably didn't do much that whole time, just Christa missing Omid and her baby, and Clem missing Lee.

    • I agree; if this were a movie it would have been a montage scene. Go to new place, build fire, cook weasel, move north, lather, rinse, repeat. It wouldn't have been very exciting gameplay. And I do wonder what happened to the baby, but there are so many things in that world that could happen to a baby. It's also possible that TTG had something in the script but it was just too dark so they skipped it?

      I do wonder how they would have moved around with a crying baby, which would be a total zombie magnet. They may have tried and failed to settle in one place--Christa did sort of talk like they'd run into other people, like when she talked about moving north because "they say" the walkers are less active, etc. In any case if we see Christa again we might find out what happened.

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