• It sucks but if some random person appeared with a bite you would think it was a walker bite and the precautions they took were fairly necessary in my opinion. It just seems harsh as we are clem

    • The doctor sucks nonetheless though.

    • He could at least of stitched her arm up and than stuck her in the shed. I mean they're petty much leaving her to die otherwise they didn't even give her warm clothing food or a blanket for Christ sake

      • I think bottom line, they don't want to waste dwindling supplies that might save one of their loved ones on a stranger who is likely already dead (they were pretty certain it was a walker bite).

  • The thing is you can clearly see that the bite is like a fissure, as if the teeth got stuck and Clem pulled her arm away, ripping the skin along, there's no way a human teeth can do that. Only dog's teeth have the shape required and the jaw strength to do something like that. Any doctor worth his salt would've understood that.

    That being said I do think he's a real doctor, maybe he just became paranoid to protect his daughter from anything and absolutely doesn't want to take the risk.

    • Thanks for agreeing ^-^.But Pete and...that other guy(can't remember his name :/) said he's a doc.

    • Also maybe walkers have more strength in their jaw than regular humans, when i see them tearing apart humans with just their jaws and hands often i question that myself, i am not sure of course. And yes, the doctor was quite an asshole not tending at that wound.

  • Agreed. He should at least be able to tell that the bite is not human.Maybe dog, maybe wolf, maybe lion, maybe tiger, maybe dragon, maybe unicorn, whatever.... But not human

    And the fever thing bugged me as well. You are bit by a walker, you get a fever and turn. You are bit by a dog and the bite is not taken care of, you get a fever by a "normal" infection and they kill you, because they think you are a walker-to-be. Or you just die by the infection and become a walker that way.

    Reminded me of the witch trials in the dark ages. Where women accused of witchhood were thrown into the river with a rock bound to them. If they drowned, they were not witches. Great for them...
    If they somehow didn't drown, it was "proven" that they were witches and therefore they had to be burned. That's how that situation felt for me.

  • The interesting thing is this:

    IF he really is a doctor he must have KNOWN that an infected, untreated wound would cause fever,
    no matter if it was by a walker or by a dog.

    So he probably knew this was a dog bite and wanted Clem to die. Don't ask me why.
    It probably has to do with his daughter.

  • Well, maybe he just didn't know that only walker bites can cause people to turn. Perhaps they think that it's just ANY bite could cause people to turn, and they weren't willing to take a risk without knowing. They ARE pretty isolated in the middle of the forest like that, so they might not know as much as, say, a group closer to a city or town would.

  • In line with the 'things I wish Lee could say', in this situation there was something I wish Clem could say:

    "I wish you hadn't have done what you did."

    "Hey, ass. You just locked a ten year old girl in a shed to die of an infected wound over night because you're not a competent enough doctor to tell the difference between a dog bite and a walker bite. And now you're chastising that same ten year old girl for doing whatever she needed to do to save her own life when the doctor wasn't up to the task? Get the hell out of here and get me some food. Maybe you can at least do that right."

  • That is exactly where the story seems weird

  • Is it possible the guy really isn't a doctor?

    I mean if he was, he should be able to tell the difference between a human bite and a dog bite. He should also know that infection was going to set in if the wound wasn't treated. Any kind of bite wound is extremely prone to infection, because mouths (both animal and human) are loaded with germs.

    Then again it might be an error, as the story isn't written by doctors. I'm not a doctor either...but I'm pretty sure you can't use peroxide on dog bites. Or at least the warning labels used to say not to use it on deep puncture wounds. I know that from looking at it one time when I stepped on a nail.

    • That was my thought, too, that Carlos might not actually be a doctor.

      He also didn't say anything about Clem stitching her arm up incorrectly. (According to a nurse I know, stitches on an arm shouldn't be in a zigzag pattern, because any time you move the arm, it will pull on the entire zigzag of stitching that way.)

      And we now know hydrogen peroxide doesn't actually work as a disinfectant. It just reacts with blood to make bubbles.

    • I think perhaps the guy's incompetence doesn't so much indicate he's not a doctor, but more that the game's writers aren't doctors.

  • I can understand being wary regardless of how the bite actually looked, but leaving her with a wound to get infected in the shed was just a dick move.

  • Yeah I agree. He is stupid as hell. I'm afraid he would be like Governor O.o

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