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Season 1 save still become a random season 2 save file

posted by Hampeeng on - Viewed by 16.5K users

I'm playing on PS3 just so you know.

When i went to import my save file from season 1 of the walking dead to season 2 it worked at last but then when I had imported my save file and played it it was completely different from my season 1 save. In the intro when it's "previously on the walking dead" it wasn't what was on my save file. Lee was killing the farmers from episode 2 from season 1 and was very rude to Clem even though in my save from season 1 I did the complete opposite.

Then i tried again and this time it's was still different but with other differences.

I don't know what's happening, any help?

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    I apologize for the inconvenience. If you've ever used rewind and made changes, then those choices may have been overwritten by your other choices. Have you completed all of the episodes in Season 1, or just part of the episodes? If the latter is true, it may be randomizing the choices because the episode was not completed.

    • Im having the same issue played straight through completed all episodes I did not go back and make changes do u know whats wrong? Also the game found my save file it said 400 days which is where I left off please help

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        TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

        If you are on PS3, please make sure you have all of the episodes fully completed and that you watch the credits all the way through, because sometimes if you skip them the game will not save your completed episodes. Also, if it found your save file, is it asking you to generate random saves or is it giving you a different pop up? Please explain your issue in as much detail as you can in order for me to assist you further.

        • Im on PC the game tells me it found my file so I click on the data so I can continue then it shows previously on the walking dead and it shows all the things I did in Season 1 but some of the choices it shows I did none of it like for example I killed one of the St. John's with the pitch pork and in the game it shows me I did not. Another example it shows me lee chained up at the end of ep.5 In my choice I did not chain him up. Also I did watch all cut scenes throughout ep.1 all the way to 400days

        • please help if u cant I will be willing to wait until a patch comes out

  • Im going to re-install will check back

  • I re-installed it did not work hopefully a patch will come out for this

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    We have reports of a few users saying that those specific choices are not showing up for them. We are currently looking into the issue, I apologize for the inconvenience.

    • thank you very much hopefully patch will come out soon :) cant wait

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        TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

        Can you please also tell me what other choices are different other than the St. Johns choice and the chained up choice? any information you can provide will aid us in finding a solution. Thank you.

        • another scene is before the end of season 1 ep.5 when your talking to the guy that is holding Clem hostage it shows me leaping forward into him and dropping him out the chair and choking him when I did not do that at all I let Clem hit him with a bottle and I fought with him then I choked him and then shot him.

          it does shows some my choices like telling Clem to meet up with Omid & Christa put there are some scenes missing I cant point em all out tho I wished I could

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            TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

            Thank you for the information, apologies for the inconvenience.

            • Want to add that I'm also someone who's getting my S1 recap showing me that I spared Danny when I didn't (I killed him but not Andy), therefore the subsequent talk with Clem after the event is also different, and that it's not quite accurately showing me fighting Campman (Clem hit him with a bottle, then Lee took out his cleaver and lunged at him; in the recap it only shows Lee lunging for Campman), though the latter probably isn't a big deal in the S2 repercussions area, especially since it does accurately show that Clem killed Campman with the gun. I'm really just concerned that S2 thinks I spared Danny. This is for the Xbox 360.

    • Mike, people have been complaining about this for several months now. It's not just a few users..

      I'm on a PC,
      My OS is W7 Home, 64 bit, Danish version.
      I have an administator account.
      I have disabled UAC.

      I ran your diagnostic tool and here's my log file:

  • I'm on the PS3 as well and I've encountered the same issue. I played through season 1 as well as 400 days without rewinding once. I want to add that another scene that did not match my actions was I believe a scene in the episode where you are trapped in the pharmacy and Clem is being attacked by a crawling zombie. I failed to save her in my actual save ( I think Carly shoots the zombie), but the scene that is shown instead is Lee kicking the zombie's head in. Other differences were with the St. Johns and the stranger.

    I did have an issue when I first installed 400 days where it wasn't detecting my season 1 saves either. I don't think 400 days is the issue though, since I tested another save where I had only completed up to episode 4 and it still gave me the same incorrect choices.

  • I am on the PC and it didn't load any of my choices from what I can tell. I killed the St. Johns, was nothing but nice to Clem, and (minor problem) I kept Lee's arm on at S1:Ep5. I know TTG is hard at work on something to fix it so I'm not worried. I'll replay the episode over and over, it's that good lol. Though, at some point, I (as well as my fellow gamers) would love a fix please. Thanks :D

  • Im having the same issue on the xbox360....I played through season 1 and 400 days completely and when I started season two the season 1 review was different from what I had played.

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    We have heard of some users saying that their choices do not match up, we are currently looking into the situation, I apologize for the inconvenience.

    • Playing on an iPad air. My choices also look different.

      Though many are the same, I did not spare the first St. Cloud brother's life and I answered Clemintine straight, that yes they are dead.

      I deleted all my other season 1 saves in case they were interfering, and I deleted and restarted my season 2 game, with the same issue.

      I want to wait to play until this is fixed, so I want to know if this is something you are actively working on and, if so, where should we look for news of the correction?


  • i cant even get my walking dead season one to save at all. if i die or quit it says new game and i deleted EVERYTHING. i WILL NOT buy season 2 if i cannot have the story the way I WANT it to be. help anyone?

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