• Clem is only a little girl, but she has gotten alot of people killed not meaning too.

  • She probably does, but if Telltale's writers have ever taken Kirkman's advise in writting The Walking Dead characters, she'll end up forgetting about it, eventually, though, could be a long time.

    Doubting she's even alive right now anyway.

  • In my opinion she does not hate Clementine, yet she is still saddened by the bites of Omid and possible death of the baby. And she is right while Clementine help ascend the fire, but she will never learn to survive.

  • Absolutely. Christa recognizes that Omid was shot with Clementine's gun. How did the woman get it? Clementine has no hesitation in pulling the trigger. She must have left it somewhere, after Omid SPECIFICALLY TOLD HER to keep an eye on her belongings.

    • Yeah, that closeup of Clem's gun was a big tell. I also have a feeling it comes up again during the 16 month fade to black, perhaps Clem is the only one around when Christa goes into labor, and those old wounds come up when she realizes she could of had Omid there to help, especially if the baby dies.

    • Maybe Christa and Omid should have kept an eye on THEIR belongings (Clementine) instead of going to get one off in the other bathroom. Anything could have been in that bathroom. Clementine is not responsible for Omid's death. She went to grab the bottle of water she dropped. I'm sure Omid and Christa were intently watching their belongings (their guns and supplies) when they were having sex in the bathroom. Omid should have practiced what he preached and watched what belongs to him, a little 10 year old girl. That scene really made me miss Lee. He was such an amazing protector and adopted father to Clementine.

  • I'm pretty sure Christa does blame Clementine to some extent. Of course it's not very rational, Clem didn't want this to happen to Omid and no sane person would seriously blame her, but I mean ... people who have lost a loved one tend to be irrational. And I think Christa knows that, she knows that Clementine is not the one to blame and I don't think she hates her. Yet somewhere inside her she also knows, that Omid would still be alive, if it wasn't for Clementine, so maybe that's why she's seems kind of cold in that short scene at the camp fire.

    And it's sad to think, that Clem spend 16 months with someone, who hold a slight grudge against her all that time.

    • Agree. And I think the 16 months gap with Christa in such emotional condition clearly explains why Clem has become so much colder and reserved. First thing we see is Clem pleading "Christa, talk to me", and if you make the mistake of mentioning Omid (I did it during one of my playthroughs), she snaps at you quite badly. I think she knows it wasn't directly or entirely Clem's fault, but she still puts a lot of blame on her for leaving her stuff unattended.

  • I read up on Youtube comments that someone saw that gun scene as Christa wanting to commit suicide to be with Omid, but the moment she looks at Clementine, she realises that she can't give up now, she still has someone to live for.

  • I DO thinks thats true. When after Omid died she looked at Clem in a weird way. And at the campfire she was rather bitchy.
    If you think about it, it's actually Clem's fault Omid died especialy since Omid told her to keep her things close right before she went in the toilet.

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