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The weirdest video ever.

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It starts with a lame opening sequence in which the background colors change or something with the nature boy ric flairs theme song. After that Ed appears in a white screen saying "Are we having fun yet".Then we see ED in a
green area filled with hills and clear blue sky where he is running like an idiot.Then he falls down from a hill and gets angry.Ed then attacks the hill which makes his hand swell because of which he jumps very high and screams. Then he says to the hill "Assassin!" He then says to the hill "Surrender mutant mount for I am too good for you" "A strong silent type huh?
"I Ed will finish you once and for all"He then becomes into super ed with a hairstyle like Sonic after which he shoots an energy ball on the hill which breaks into pieces and for some reason the shoot is shown till space.After that we are taken back to the green area where Ed was where he says "Great rolah's reincarnation the enemy is defeated. Ed then raises his hand and smiles. But while raising his hand a rock falls on his hand which causes it to break into pieces onto Ed. After which he says "I see stars".After which the episode ends unless you count the credits.

This was the first episode of the Ed, Edd n Eddy 2470 movie which got canceled and for you interested about what happened next their is fan fiction of it in

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3
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