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Horrible customer support.

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I've been trying to get this "communicate with server" BS fixed since launch day. Email support is zero help. They say it has been "resolved". It has not. I seriously have no clue what the hell to do here. It feels like I am talking to a brick wall of denial.

Edited: Private correspondance in support emails is private and cannot be posted on the forums.

I want the game and the dvd. They seem to refuse to provide me with either. And will only give me the money back that I can't even use to rebuy the game in full on Steam because the price is no longer at the pre-order amount.

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    Macfly77 Moderator

    If you purchased directly from Telltale (or redeemed a Telltale redemption code acquired from a different outlet), you will be able to order the DVD (for free plus shipping costs) once it's available after the season ends. However, Telltale can't possibly provide you with the DVD at this time, as the episodes haven't been released (or even finished) yet.

    Of course, if they give you a refund and you purchase the game from Steam, please note that you will no longer qualify for the free DVD offer.

    • I know I don't get it now.

      The problem is I bought the game and the game doesn't work. Support claims the issue i have is "resolved" even though it isn't. (The can't communicate with server error at the title screen).

      So what I have is a broken game that they won't acknowledge is broke and thus won't give me the working version of (the Steam version). The only option they give me is to refund my order, which will then mean I am not entitled to the DVD.

      So you see the solution I want is the solution they did last two times this was an issue for TWD S1 and Wolf Among Us, but again, they claim this issue isn't an issue and won't give a Steam key.

  • Yes the support at TellTale is so fricking bad... they aren't willing to give any help AT ALL, and their Twitter has absolutely no mention about the troubles some of their customers are having or where to look for aid. "We already got your money, so why the fuck would we care, right?"

    I bought the game at GMG and neither they or TellTale are willing to give me a refund or a steam-key for this broken POS game.

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    tronix Telltale Alumni

    If you are still having trouble logging in, please contact We can see the traffic and know that our launch day issues have been addressed. Customer support should be able to help you with specific connection issues since that is what we are seeing as the issue now for a few users.

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