• At first I was like fuck but then I was like damn

  • I felt pretty bad. I was completely shocked when the dog turned on me too, and had pretty much just dissolved into frantic squealing as I mashed buttons in a panic. When the dog was stuck on the tent spikes, I felt really bad - but I felt almost worse somehow putting him out of his misery. I guess it would have been worse to leave him.

  • meh,I stabbed it right away when it attacked clem,that mutt used survival instinct,so do I,and then I kill it because it's unnecessary to let it suffer when it will die eventually

  • This is the only decision in the game that really got me. I was so shocked and pissed at that dog that I just left it to suffer without a second thought. I truly regret it now that I have my head on straight.

  • I got so pissed at the dog, I just didn't fell sad, afterall it was its fault Clem was locked in a shed.

  • i might have cried.....MIGHT

    • i still cry like a baby when i have to shoot lee, i cant let him be walker....i just cant. same with the dog, i just cant leave it to suffer. hell i was just crying cuz i wanted to change something in EP5, and shot lee again. Clem begs him not to become a walker. but yeah :'(

  • The dog still attacks even after u pet, play and feed it???
    and I thought it was because I ignored it...

  • a little of topic but if you've seen marley and me and didnt choke up at least a little bit your not human.

  • I don't feel bad because the dog didn't act normal. It was bipolar, and it bit clem so nope

  • It did what any hungry living thing would do to a borderline stranger who denied it food; it tried to take it by force.

    It's sad that I had to punish him for it, yeah.

    If he had bitten her once and ate the rest of the beans I would have spared him; I may have even still taken him with me. But he pushed it and tried to kill Clem so he had to go.

    And, of course, I killed him after he was impaled. That's not even a moral dilemma. Leaving him to suffer is straight-up evil.

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