The Episode 4 Slide Enigma

As most of us know, our slides for the episode "Amid the Ruins" of Season Two are basically the same. Clementine is rubbing blood/paint under her eyes, with dark and hooded figures surrounding her. But the pictures will differ slightly. Some people's versions have Clem looking to her left, others have her smearing the substance horizontally, and some vertically. Our question is, what could it mean?

To dig deeper into this I think we should post our major decisions throughout the series and what version of the slide we have.

Here's me, for example:

-Tried to save Larry
-Killed the St. Johns
-Kept Lilly around
-Let Clem come to Crawford
-Saved Ben
-Removed arm
-Clem killed the stranger
-Had Clem leave me
-Killed the dog
-Saved Nick

Result: Downward facing war stripes Clem.



  • OH SHIT Clem's gonna get inducted into the Wabanci cave tribe and learn to use spears and tomahawks like a ninja! And Eddie will give her a badass leather clan hood and they can all rub wairpant on their face under Kenny's Stache turns red and they all float into the air and talk to spirit animals.

    Then they will perform a ritual of the dead. Ben Paul will rise from the depths of Hell and get everyone killed, leaving Ben the only man left on Earth, so he will reproduce with a monkey woman. EVERYONE WINS. And then It snows and he freezes :)

    Is my theory good?

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    -Doug -Tried to save Larry -Killed the St. Johns -Kept Lilly around -Let Clem come to Crawford -Saved Ben -Removed arm -Clem killed the stranger -Had Clem leave me -Killed the dog -Saved Nick

    Carley-Tried to Save Larry-Killed ONE of the St.Johns-Kept Lilly-Shot Duck- Had Kenny shoot the kid- Clem comes to Crawford- Saved Ben- Removed arm - Clem killed the Stranger - Clem killed Lee - Everyone goes with Tavia. Same result.

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    • Saved Doug
    • Helped kill Larry
    • Kill both St. Johns
    • Kept Lilly
    • Lee mercy shot Duck
    • Lee killed the kid in the attic
    • Didn't take Clem to Crawford
    • Let Ben die
    • Amputated arm
    • Clem shot the weirdo stranger
    • Clem mercy shot Lee
    • Facing downwards with vertical war paint.
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    -Saved Carley -Tried to save Larry -Let the St. Johns live -Left Lilly behind -Lee killed Duck -Let Clem come to Crawford -Saved Ben -Kept arm -Clem killed Stranger -Clem shot Lee -Everyone except Vince and Wyatt went with Tavia.

    Result: Downward facing Clem with vertical stripes.

    I think we're missing something here.

    edit: WAIT! Everyone here had Clem kill the Stranger! That might be it.

    That can't be the only variable, however, because there are more than two Episode 4 slides. Still, might be on to something.

    second edit: Everyone here so far also shot Duck.

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    S01: Saved Doug; Tried to Save Larry; Killed ONE of the St. Johns; Kept Lilly; Lee shot Duck; Kenny shoots kid in the attic; Didn't take Clem to Crawford; Saved Ben; Didn't amputate Lee's arm; Clem shot campman; Clem left Lee to turn;
    400 Days: Vince left with Justin (the conman); Wyatt left Eddie behind; Russel stayed with Nate; Bonnie lied to the man whose name I forgot; Shel stayed with the group; Vince, Wyatt and Bonnie went with Tavia, I believe.

    Result: Facing downwards with vertical paint

  • Me too. I've seen claims of them, but no screenshot evidence that they even exist yet.

  • I'd like to get one of these left-lookers or smudge-painters in here.

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    There's actually another thread with a picture of Clem with horizontal paint with Vince's shadow by her side. Right here ---->

  • Of pseudo-Kenny and Vince I have no doubt, but what about those in which Clem is looking left?

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    Maybe, but I'm not so sure. In this Let's Play, you can see the downward facing/vertical warpaint at :12, but the save import clipshow shows Lee choking the stranger to death at 1:54.


    (edit: oh my god I suck so bad at the new forum's coding.)

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    There is still Duck, on the other hand. That's the only other consistency I can see so far is that everyone here shot him.

    I would love to get a comment from someone at Telltale just to make sure this is a real thing and we're not being trolled or seeing the effects of some glitch.

  • True. I would assume that whatever affects this is something that either Clem did in S1 or something she watched Lee do--so it's a shame that it's not a result of her killing the stranger, that would've been really cool. I can't imagine why it would be Lee shooting Duck that does it, considering Clem wasn't even there for that, but you're right that it seems to be the only other consistent choice we've all made.

    All we can do is speculate unless we get some of the left-lookers in here and see their decisions.

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    I forgot to add that choice to my post (it's there now), but it seems to me everyone here saved Ben as well, unless you didn't?

  • yes it is. its amazing.

  • Oh, good catch! I forgot to put that one too. But sadly, no, I let Ben die =\ Back to square one it seems.

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    Yes, that's another one. I'm surprised I missed it.

    edit: dammit, @Omegabegin just proved that one wrong too.

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    I see... Hmm, what if it has something to do with 400 days? Maybe you guys could put your 400 Days choices here too?

  • Haha! I'm pretty good at throwing a wrench in the works, it seems :P

  • Perhaps! I just came here to mention that too, in fact.

    Sadly, if you guys do list the 400 days choices, I'm afraid I won't be of any help. I lost my 400 days save file and didn't want to re-do it, so all of the decisions from it were randomized for my S2 game.

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    We're definitely missing something here so I'm going to throw some ideas around. The people getting other slides seem to be a minority on this forum. If it does have something to do with choices, it would be something very few people did differently. I'm not convinced it is our choices in Season 1 that affect this.

    I see see a few options here:

    1. Some of us (or perhaps all of us) are experiencing a glitch in the Season 1 save file reading system.
    2. It doesn't have anything to do with our choices in Season 1 or, if it does, it isn't the choices we've mentioned. If it isn't these choices, however, I can't think it might be.
    3. We're being trolled and the picture of Clem facing downward with vertical smears is the only real one (the only other slide we've seen came from an off screen picture and might be fake). We've also not seen any screens of Clementine facing left despite reports of it.
    4. It's completely random.

    Any other ideas would be welcome.

  • I would be very surprised if it wasn't a Season 1 or 400 Days choice. You're able to look through the Season 2 episodes before you even begin playing, and at that point you can already see which E4 slide you have--it's not out of the realm of possibility that it could change after playing the episode, but that's something we would have to do some experimenting on.

    I also don't think it's unlikely that it's the result of a minor choice, either. We're all well aware that TWD tracks tons of choices, not just the end-of-episode decisions listed on the screen. Also, I still stand by the logic that it would be either something Clementine did or something Lee taught her. Lee had many opportunities to influence her world view in the first season--I can think of several conversations alone where he could tell her that "dangerous people" needed to die, or other such things.

    It could also be a result of 400 Days choices, as previously speculated, but I'm a bit more skeptical of that considering the lack of Lee/Clem presence in it.

    Or it could be like you said: we're being trolled by liars or glitches, and making a big ol' hullabaloo about nothin'.

  • To be honest, the second picture floating around isn't a screenshot, and is probably a console version picture. Could just be differences between versions? I still like some version of the theory based solely on the silhouette differences, but it's always another possibility.

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    Troll, glitch or legit, it's still creating some great conversation. I'd like to do a comparison of 400 Days choices just in case but, sadly, I can't remember most of what I chose.

    You're probably right about it having something to do with Clem in Season 1, but until we hear from people with different slides we simply don't have enough information to work with.

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    I have the one with "Vince", I didn't notice this! Tomorrow(cause where i live it's like 4am now) I'll see if it happens with my other savefiles :B.

  • Hmm, wait a minute... Whoever got the one where Clem is facing left, you don't happen to be playing on the PS3 by any chance? I was playing on the PS3 and I got that one.

  • I saved carley, killed Larry, killed both st. Johns,
    left Lilly, brought Clem with me, dropped Ben,
    Cut off the arm, Clem killed stranger, Clem shot
    Lee and all 400 days people went with Tavia.

    I have Clem looking to the left with the blood/
    paint smeared horizontally with Vince in the

  • That's really interesting. Can you get a screenshot of it?

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    What platform are you using? PC, Xbox 360 or PS3?

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    Saved Carly

    Tried to save Larry

    Spared Danny and killed Andrew

    Looted the car

    Left Lilly

    Killed Duck

    Saved Christa

    Took Clem with me to Crawford

    Saved Ben

    Kept the arm

    Clem killed the Stranger

    Made Clem Shoot me

    Killed the Dog

    Saved pete

    Downwards Stripes

  • I'm starting to think this is correct, that it is simply different versions of the game. PS3 owners seem to be getting the one with Clem facing the left, PC users are getting the one with face down, vertical smears, Kenny silhouette and I assume Xbox 360 users are getting the one with the Vince silhouette.

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    Okay, so going on the console version theory...

    It's difficult to tell from the quality, but judging from the buttons on the bottom of the screen, I think that's PS3. So, compiling the known slides from all the samples we have thus far (and assuming everyone in this thread who didn't express otherwise has played the PC version):

    • PC: looking downwards/vertical smudges
    • Xbox: Vince Silhouette(?)
    • PS3: looking left/horizontal smudges, OR looking downwards/horizontal smudges

    Is that right? If so, it seems console version alone doesn't determine it, though it could certainly be a factor. It might be wise to revisit our original theory and see what decisions you left-looker horizontal-smudges made. I honestly can't tell what console that picture is from, though, so it's very possible you're 100% right.

  • Saved Carly

    Tried to save Larry

    Spared Danny and Andrew

    Looted the car

    Left Lilly

    Killed Duck

    Saved Christa

    Took Clem with me to Crawford

    Saved Ben

    Cut the arm

    Lee killed the Stranger

    Made Clem Shoot me

    Bonnie be honest to Leland

    Shel run in the RV

    Vince save Justin

    Russel left Nate

    Wyatt left Eddie

    All group go with Tavia

    Killed the Dog

    Saved Pete

    Clem looking down, with vertical lines of blood and pseudo-Kenny shadow

  • Hmm. It is really hard to tell with that picture, but I also think it's a PS3.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but the slides with Clem looking down with horizontal smudges have the Vince sihouette in the background. They're the same one, right? I'm just trying to get an idea of how many different versions of the slides we're dealing with.

    Assuming that image above is from PS3, and @Rigtail posted below that their PS3 got the one with Clem facing left, then we're certain that console version isn't the only factor.

    Have we seen anyone with a PC get anything other than the facing down, vertical smears slide?

  • Got this one on ps3 with my choices in last post

  • I did the exact same except from

    Killed Larry
    Saved Omid
    Shel votes to kill stranger

    And I got her looking down with horizontal blood/paint with Vince silhouette in the background

  • Thanks. Finaly someone uploaded a picture of it. I already thought it's just a rumor.

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    I don't understand. No idea. Her face - it's Clementine from season one. Maybe early art concept.
    And Vince is not Vince. I can see face.

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