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iOS Season 1 Save Import into Season 2 not working // edit: Now working

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What's the problem?
I'm on an iPhone 4S, newest iOS update. I just bought Season 2 Episode 1 and the multi-pack for the other forthcoming episodes out of the app. Unfortunately the import from Season 1 is not working. When I start Episode 1 of Season 2, it asks me if I want to import. I say yes and Season 1 boots up. The screen is black, but it seems to locate the save here. After like 15 seconds, it switches back to Season 2 and tells me it is unable to locate a save file.

What I tried so far?
I read the FAQ ( ), but it didn't help. I have the newest Season 1 version (1.6). In Season 1 I also tried to play back the last part of 400 Days. I used the function where you can go back to certain points in the game. Of those I used the latest one of 400 Days (people discussing at the campfire, who wants to come) and played the rest of the game. I finished it through the credits. Still not working. :-(

edit: Mysteriously it just worked after trying a few more times! Awesome. :-)

  • I bought season 2 of twd game on my itouch.. and after it says save file found, it crashes. its really stressing me out, cause i feel like i just wasted my money on a game that keeps crashing :( i updated everything on my ipod too, so its pretty disappointing. any help would do :/

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      tronix Telltale Alumni

      The listing of iPod support in the compatibility section for the app is incorrect. The description section has an accurate list of supported hardware. We are not able to update this section on the store. Your options are to ask Apple for a refund or to play on a supported device. I'm very sorry for this error on the store.

      • Oh, will you guys ever update it to fix it? Or is it just not going to be compatible- ever, for ipods older than the 5th gen? Its just, it's a little disappointing not being able to play a game that you've been excited about only to find out that the newer season is no longer compatible with your ipod. Are those really the only two options? Not a lot of us can afford to buy a newer device that would support it. Or really want to refund it, cause we still very much want to be able to play the game.

      • So you're telling us that because if your stupid mistake, people who have the app on an iPod 4 are screwed? Congratulations, just lost yet another customer.

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    tronix Telltale Alumni

    I'm glad you got it working. I'm not sure why you needed to try a few times.

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