• My Clem became the one who loves peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches and Soccer. She also likes going to ball games, and her favorite class is History. She's tough and don't like crazy people.

  • Fair if you stay on her good side. Loyal if they show it. But once you do something to piss her off your done. Unless you man up and do something to correct your mistake.

  • I try to make Clementine as close as she was to her S1 character. I can't bear to make hard-headed or sassy dialogue choices as her. A reason why it's hard to even watch a playthrough of season two now.

    • This.

      It is extremely hard and impossible to keep her innocent now. It seriously pains me to say anything even a little rude. I've been trying so hard to keep her the innocent and precious 9 year old, but that just isn't going to happen.

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      This indeed.

      I try to remain silent if Clem is forced to make choices that don't fit her Season One character.

    • I would expect this from a 15 year old girl, but not from 10 year old Clementine.

      Blame it on those bozos who are working on season two.

  • A survivor. Someone who is weary, yet knows and honors the values of the old world when permitted. She is not one to make long term compromises out of fear of disappointing herself and others. Someone who wants to be taken seriously in the group, yet will use her age as cover if necessary. She is Clementine, but it is good to see her grow up.

  • Im just trying to keep her honest. I didnt make her be overly rude or anything but that innocent little 8 year old is gone.

  • My Clem is a lot like my Lee; she doesn't hurt anyone unless they hurt her first. She doesn't retaliate to provocation and offers an olive branch to even shits like Rebecca, refusing to take advantage of knowing about her 'situation' despite her unrelenting hostility.

    She is a Christ figure who shall redeem the apocalyptic world with her unsullied perfectly pure pureness!

    Or die horribly because she's not pragmatic enough. Whichever.

  • My Clem is kinda sad.

    She became a lot tougher because of what she's been through. She's not a little girl anymore .... Her goal is to survive.

    • Yeah, this is pretty much my take on her too.

      I'm working on a second playthrough of season one though and it's going to result in a rougher version of Clem, since that Lee isn't shielding her quite as much as in my first playthrough.

  • My clem is like my lee. sweet to some, a bitch to others and a person that wishes kenny was alive

  • I tried to keep her fairly close to her season 1 persona. Generally honest and sweet...

    The only exception was with Rebecca, where I had Clem reveal that she know the baby might not be Alvin's and warn Rebecca that she ought to be nice from now on.

  • My Clementine is a badass. But doesn't go out of her way to make enemies or be a bitch towards those who don't deserve it. Also she's not above accepting apologies.

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