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  • My guess is

    Early January: TWAU

    Late January: TWD

    It'd be a real fan service. Think about it. Having two games released next to each other means the game's wait will be much more bearable. (Yes, I think delaying TWAU wasn't because it was unfinished but because they wanted to go with this approach)

  • OzzyUKOzzyUK Moderator

    Due to the Christmas holidays production might be slightly slower so i think Late Feb to early March could be a possibility.

  • So whilst we wait does anyone have a good method for getting rid of the post-episode playthrough blues? Whenever I finish a good story whether it is a game, a movie, a book I get depressed. Does this happen to anyone else or is it just me being a weirdo? If it does how do you get yourself back into a more cheerful frame of mind?

  • I think they won't release it as late like the Episode 2 of TWAU knowing that fans get agitated when it's getting delayed for so long. They clearly made a mistake in delaying Episode 2 of TWAU so I think they've learned from it already.

  • OzzyUKOzzyUK Moderator

    I get a bit of this too, i find trying to distract myself with other things helps and also reading and making predictions about the next episodes has helped a little.

  • Episode 2 one hour long? Ok, now Telltale is just being a dick.

  • I think Wuzhles is right with his guess. He must be! :(

  • I can't wait for this episode

  • I wish we could play it already

  • Glad to know I am no the only one :)

  • WTF I will do 4-6 weeks or even longer.....I will die...

  • Does anyone already know when episode 2 is gonna come out? :P I just can't wait. Now hope Lee comes back..! Alt text

  • I hope so too....but we all know that theres no magic in this i dont think that Lee is coming back......but theres always hope! :)

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    Hahahaha, nope. They simply won't release it that quickly, sorry.

    The wait between episode 1 of TWAU and episode 2 will be at least 4 months and the mods on these forums have informed me that Telltale usually take a long time between the first and second episodes.

    It really sucks, but just don't get too optimistic :)

  • You think being unable to produce 2 hours of content in 30 days over Christmas holidays is being lazy?

    See, THIS is why we can't have nice things.

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    So my hypothesis is this:

    • -TTG wanted to get both pilots for TWAU and TWD out before the holidays to maximize season pass purchases.

    • -Ep1 of TWAU released in early October

    • -TWD Season 2 officially announced and open for preorders in late October

    • -TTG originally wanted TWD Ep1 out in November so that TWAU Ep 2 could be out in December, starting the TWAU/TWD alternating releases every month

    • -Something happened, TWD Ep1 pushed to mid December, TWAU Ep2 couldn't be released in the same month, else the alternating releases would be muddled

    • -Now the entire release schedule is pushed forward by one month due to the lack of a November release

    Ideally I guess TTG will stick to alternating months for releases, but further delays seem almost inevitable. I can't see an episode of both TWD and TWAU being released in the same month, and if so they would have to be at the very beginning and end.

    I just hope now that TTG is (perhaps) on schedule, the next Episode of TWD has more than an hour of content... Steam had only 80 minutes logged by the time I finished episode 1, and at least 20 minutes of that was either adjusting settings or pausing the game due to real life getting in the way.

    Jan: TWAU Ep2
    Feb:TWD Ep2
    Mar:TWAU Ep3
    Apr:TWD Ep3
    ...and so on.

  • It sounds about right. Hopefully no more delays. Took me 1hour and 30 mins to complete episode 1 of TWD.

  • Wow, we're already at 4 months now? At least? Come on.

    Don't make up numbers...

    It's a little over 2 months now. And with Christmas it's probably gonna hit 3. But don't just make up 4, without any background.

  • Gonna guess late January for TWAU, and late February or early March for TWD.

    Hopefully, the next episode of TWD is gonna be longer :l.

    By the way, what the fuck happened to all the graphical options? I'm getting lag that i'm sure i could easily fix if i just had more CONTROL. It's just gotten worse, Season 1 of TWD was fine, had Shadow Quality etc. Poker Night 2 got bad, only Graphics Quality and AA. TWAU went the same route. But Season 2 of TWD has ONLY Texture Settings and AA... the fuck?

  • Dammit, I'm just gonna freeze myself till next year and play the rest of the season then.

  • Apparently it hits back early February, hopefully

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    Sorry, I forgot that the game released in October, not september.

    However, we will be getting news in January, which guarantees that it will be closer to 3 months than 2. And this number is far longer than the comment I replied to was guessing.

  • I have gaming PC so Im playing TWD on max settings.....but that doesnt matter. Main thing is the Story which is best!

  • Then you will need to whatch out of spoilers. But all sites will be full of fucking spoilers then!

  • Well both bad performance and bad quality makes the entire experience (story included) overall worse. Telltale has just gotten worse with the PC Versions... like seriously, Season 2 only takes 30% of my CPU!

    But no, you're not playing Season 2 at max settings... EVERYONE IS! That's what i hate! I mean look at dem shadow effects! I got like a 10 FPS boost on Season 1 when i put Shadows from high to low... why can't i do that in Season 2? I just don't see why they do this...

    Sure, i agree with you that the story is the main thing, but would you rather play on a resolution of 640x480 60 FPS, or 1920x1080 10-30+ FPS on The Walking Dead?

  • im not waiting episode 2 comes out now!!

  • Some pretty interesting stuff is being found in the Ep1 files over in another thread.... INCLUDING a file called Kenny202

    202 = Season 2 Episode 2.

    So, in other words..

    Kenny is ACTUALLY going to return in Ep2!

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    Telltale already revealed that Kenny would be in Season 2. Their exact words were something like 'Kenny's fate will be explored.' Whether it is alive Kenny or zombie Kenny, we still don't know. I don't see how the surprise has been ruined.

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    It was a tongue in cheek remark.

  • Ah. I'll try to be more perceptive in the future. My bad.

  • No worries, hard to detect over the internet.

  • i can't wait for episode 2 hopefully it's not too long. When i first played season 1 i got the game late and all the episodes were already out so i just downloaded everyone without waiting.... now it's different for me lol.....

  • Is this fully legit though? I can't tell if this is solid proof or not e.g. some spare Kenny model. If he's obviously in it Idk why it's being debated

  • They should release all the episodes at the same time I love this series..then again its like a tv show, it builds suspense not knowing what is going to happen next so I can understand why they are takeing their time on releasing the next episode.

  • Same for me dude,...... same fore me! :()

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