Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date Discussion: Out Now for PC/Mac/PSN/XBLA/iOS/Vita/Android

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So Season 2 Episode 1 is out for most of Telltale's scheduled platforms, but it has yet to release on Ouya and Vita. Since the main purpose of these threads is to provide release information, and that one's quite long, let's start a new one for episode 2 release discussion.

If you want to talk about the release of episode 2, do so in here. Thanks. :)

Episode 202 Release Date Information:

The Episode releases on Tuesday, March 4th for:

  • PC (Telltale Store/Steam)
  • Mac (Telltale Store/Steam)
  • Playstation Network on PS3 (North America)

The Episode releases on Wednesday, March 5th for:

  • Xbox Live Arcade on Xbox 360

The Episode releases on Thursday, March 6th for:

  • iOS App Store

The Episode releases on Wednesday, March 12th for:

  • Playstation Network on PS3 (Europe)

Confirmed via Telltale's Twitter Account:

'#TheWalkingDead S2 Ep2 will be available for PS3 via the PlayStationEU store on Wednesday, March 12

The Episode releases on Tuesday, April 22 for:

  • PlayStation Store on Vita (North America)

The Episode releases on Wednesday, April 23 for:

  • PlayStation Store on Vita (Europe)

The Episode releases on Saturday, May 10 for:

  • Amazon Kindle Fire (HD or HDX devices, 2nd generation and up), Amazon Fire TV

The Episode releases on Wednesday, June 25 for:

  • Android on Google Play


  • So Episode 1 is out. Now we're waiting for Episode 2.

    Think I'll post this again.

    Alt text

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    Well, time to wait the really long wait for Ep2..

    EDIT: Damn it, why can't I remove the spoiler tag?! I didn't mean to put that stupid thing there...

  • puzzleboxpuzzlebox Telltale Alumni

    Fixed that for you. ;)

  • When Walking Dead S2 Episode 2 is coming out ?

  • Do you know anything about release in New Zealand? :(

  • TTG don't even know that yet.

  • Im gonna take a wild guess on episode 2 release January 17

  • CannibalCarlCannibalCarl Banned
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    Yeah, maybe that'll be the case if TTG wasn't be so lazy. I'm guessing February 17.

  • My guess is Episode 2 will be out some time in February. The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 will most likely be out some time in January.

  • My guess is late January to mid February..

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    @Kenny- wrote:
    Guessing Episode 2 of The Walking Dead Season Two is coming out late January or early February

    Unless it turns into The Wolf Among Us.

  • I think it will come out late February to mid March.

  • Hopefully late January

  • I'm guessing late feburary to be honest, and Wolf Among Us will be in janurary.

  • I'm hoping Late January, but considering past release dates it could be from then till like Early March :/

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    If we follow the past 2 games' release schedule, it's going to be a looong time. Mid February, maybe? Hopefully Telltale can deliver in time most of this season.

    The Walking Dead: Starved for News

  • mid-late february, earliest i think,sadly

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    ether late january or mid feburary

  • Excited for Episode 2

  • Also, do you think we should change the name of this discussion to episode two release date discussion, episode 2 out before never.

  • I wish we could have all episodes at once but then again I don't

  • Early to mid February. Or a late January.

  • I can't remember how it worked with season 1. Didn't they release 1 every month? Or did they skip a month sometimes?

  • I don't know

  • I'm guessing November 22nd 2095

  • I'm expecting an early February release. We'll probably have TWAU E2 before that though.

  • When does telltale usually announce a date? I hope its sooner rather than later..

  • actually it should be released around 5 weeks from now shouldnt it?? episode 1 was released on april 24 and episode 2 was on june 27.

  • I do like this fluctuation between The Wold Among Us and The Walking Dead.

  • Here's the release dates for season 1. Keep in mind that these are for the PC/Mac releases.

    • Episode 1: April 24, 2012
    • Episode 2: June 29, 2012
    • Episode 3: August 29, 2012
    • Episode 4: October 10, 2012
    • Episode 5: November 21, 2012
      -As you can see, the release dates vary anywhere from as short as five weeks to as long as eight weeks. This was just for season one though.
  • With TWAU in the making, and TTG starting to prep Tales from the Borderlands, probably in mid-February, perhaps later even if we're unlucky enough, I just wished TTG would tell us if they have already started on S2:EP2 or if they're working on their other projects.

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    That's a 2 month (8 week) difference, but that's probably around the latest a episode has been released

  • I can't remember where, but I remember someone from TTG saying that season 2 ep 1 & 2 were being worked on (ep 2 only probably in the planning stages), and they also said that TWAU ep 2 & 3 were being developed too. This was a while ago so I can't confirm it yet, but If i find it, I'll let you guys know.

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    Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones won't have any bearing on the development of The Walking Dead: Season Two since neither has likely reached full production yet. The way Telltale works is that once a game is approved by the license holder, they start with a small team with only a handful of people working on the general storylines, concept art, initial game design, etc. Once one season ends, the small team becomes larger in order to put the game into full production. Since Telltale has two seasons running right now, it's likely that neither of those games will begin full production until one of the first seasons end.

  • I wonder why we have to wait another 1-3 months for just 2 hours ( maybe less ) of gameplay ? is it that hard ?

  • i hope it isnt too long of a wait, i cant handle all the excitement/anxiety for this series much longer lolz

  • Dont be greedy for money costing presents from santa, ask him for episode two release for christmas!!

  • Well, then perhaps TWAU and TWD:S2EP2 will come out a biiit earlier.

  • I personally think late February is optimistic. Sometime in March sounds more accurate because Telltale are also working on TWAU. Glad the end of Episode 1 wasn't a cliffhan-oh wait.

  • If they release the 2nd Episode of Wolf the 2nd week of January then the 2nd episode of Season 2 would most likely release Late January or early February

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