• The dog wasn't bipolar. It was a dog. A dog that hadn't eaten in a long time.

    I think the dog initially growled because it thought Clementine could be a walker. Then Clementine spoke and he realized it was a human, and humans bring food! Finally! Then Clementine offered him barely a bite of food before taking it away again.

    Taking food away from a dog is a common trigger that can make them attack. Not every dog, of course, but we don't know how long he was without food or human contact for that matter.

    • Taking food from a food aggressive or hungry dog may make it growl and/or snap at you, but in no way would it illicit the lunge and attempt-to-kill reaction we saw from a socialized dog.

      The OP is correct in that the dog exhibited some unbelievable behavior. Especially if your Clem took time to socialize with the dog, as mine did.

      (The OP is wrong to label the dog as "bipolar," though. Manic depressives are people, not dogs, and they don't suddenly try to murder people for food, either.)

      • The dog wasn't exactly socialized when Clem found him.
        It's clear that the dog was starved and acted on pure instinct when the food was being taken away/kept from him.

        • Socialization doesn't go away that quickly or easily. And dogs' instinct is to trust most humans; it's why they became human companions so early in human history. Look at the bodies. Those people weren't gone for more than a month. You think after a month, your dog wouldn't recognize a friendly human and remember behavioral training? If you do, you're underestimating your dog.

          I'm not saying Clem's behavior wasn't dumb and shouldn't have gotten her snapped at/bit, but the full out attack is forced writing.

  • The dog acted like a dog. One that hasn't eaten in a while. Once Clem took the food away, she was a threat.

  • OP is inexperienced with dogs... Its how they are.. they get protective over food..

  • Actually the dog didn't act like a dog at all. That scene requires some suspension of disbelief, because it isn't realistic dog behavior.

    • See only one person agrees with me that the dog was not normal and acted bipolar XD. Dog didn't eat the walker near the tree because clem told it not too :)

      • No I don't think it didn't eat it because Clem told it not to, just didn't want it. I thought the campground was where the dog lived considering he was in that picture -- I think --- that Clem found. So yeah, I agree with everyone that said the Dog was just hungry and wanted the whole damn can. Did you see dem ribs?

        First post! Whoooo~

    • Dogs are only the way they are now because we domesticate them. At their heart, they are animals with teeth made for ripping flesh. I imagine even a Chihuahua would get territorial or aggressive if we deprived it of food and meaningful human contact.

    • Do you even own a dog? Have you ever really interacted with a dog in a real life? That dogs behavior is very realistic. Try taking food from a untrained/starving dog. See what happens.

      • This dog wasn't untrained. It was clearly socialized. And how often have you had a dog lunge at your neck because you tried to take its food?

        Yeah, Clem getting bit is believable, but the dog trying to all out kill her while ignoring the food is unbelievable.

      • Or in that matter try touching/petting a dog as they eat. I've gotten snapped at by dogs when I wanted touch/pet them as a kid.

        • And after snapping at you (somehow without growling at you first), did they ignore the food and begin trying to kill you? THAT'S the point at which people are finding the encounter unrealistic.

          Clem might have gotten bit. She might have even deserved it. But getting attacked the way she did is unreal.

  • "Bipolar" doesn't mean what you think it means.

  • As an owner of a dog... I disagree... Funny story actually what happend to Clem actually happened to me.. My dog bit my arm over some food that he buried that i had no idea about.. went to pat him and then CRUNCH!.. i had to be careful and tame him after that but its just how dogs are.. they are protective over food and their instincts kick in.

    • Oh really? Did your dog also try to kill you?

      How did you get him off? Did you punch him in the face 5 times like Clem did? Did you kick the shit out of him when he lunged at you to while going in for the kill?

      Pretty dumb to keep that dog. lol

      • Do you even own a dog?

        He crunched me and held on for a few seconds seconds and let go, The dog in the game was a former pet that was starved and looked screwed up. Keep in mind the dog that bit me was a 60kilo Rotweiller that could of done a lot worse.. With those dogs you have to feed them a specific way.. dogs are unpredictable when food is around.. the dog i owned was a dominant breed that doesn't like to be fucked with, these aren't Chihuahuas.

        I always put the food in the bowl then back away because he is protective over it... When i got bit it was an accident since i didn't know he had buried food right under him.

        Its funny nearly every person that has an avatar of Carley seems to be an idiot.. the OP and you..

        • Yeah, we raised formerly abused dogs in my family. My St. Bernard was 80 lbs. when we found him, and when he was healthy again he was above 160. Food aggression is definitely something you have to be careful of.

          But Clem's encounter with this dog isn't quite like the story you're telling, and the big issue is the dog does attack to kill her (after being very friendly and sociable if you do the interactions right). The dog will kill her if you fail the quicktime event.

          This dog doesn't show signs of abuse. Judging by the bodies, it wasn't even on its own for more than a month. Clem fed the dog stupidly (I understand you can tease the dog, as well), and took away the food carelessly. But a socialized dog wouldn't kill someone for that. Growl? Definitely. Bite? Likely. Kill? I don't believe it.

  • My stepmom was bit by our family dog, Zeus, once for trying to move his food bowl while he was eating.

    It's a regular thing, even if it's a longtime owner messing with their food. It isn't guaranteed if the animal really trusts you, but a stranger like Clem denying food to a hungry dog? Yeah, that's likely to result in a bite.

    Zombies are no good where meat is concerned; that much should be obvious to any living thing that has senses. Even the freshly-turned look unusually decayed and have discoloured flesh.

  • The thing that made it unrealistic is that dogs have a whole range of behaviors before they get to full on mauling. They growl, they show teeth, they bark, they raise their hackles, raise their tails, ect. A dog has a whole host of body language or vocalizations that communicate aggression or dominance, and those signals and vocalizations are designed by nature to get the animal what it wants without having to fight for it. Even when dogs attack warning bites are more common than mauling.

    "Trainers hear it all the time: "The dog bit me out of the blue, it gave no warning." The truth is all dogs display numerous warnings before they bite. Though the warning signs leading up to a bite can be subtle, they are similar no matter the breed. Facial and body expressions change, placement of the ears change, even the sound of the bark or growl can indicate that a bite is imminent"


    • So you wanted Telltale to fulfill ehow dog-bite-behavior list and go through all the body language and what now?

      Its a dog in a zombie apocalypse, I don't think it needs to follow the lines of ehow, Plus its...a game. It made the scene better. And again, it was hungry and she took food away from it. Then, if you didn't feed it, well, it 'displayed numerous warnings' before it went on the attack

      • No, I wanted a scene that wasn't lame.The dog bite scene didn't deliver.

        It was the weakest part of the episode, and the defense of the writing that it was realistic behavior from the dog doesn't stand up to scrutiny.

        • It doesn't stand up to yours and ehow scrutiny?

          Maybe I'm taking it simple as possible; it was hunger, therefore, it attacked. Just like humans attacking over the tiniest things to survive.
          Also the scene may have been more about trust if anything, like the rest of the episode. Very difficult to trust anything in the world they are living in now. Be it little girls or pregnant ladies.

          • Dogs aren't humans. They have predictable behavior patterns. Telltale didn't have to do a lot of research to see that the scene was unbelievable, they could have shown it to anyone who works at the local animal shelter. Trust me, they work with starved animals.

            A no warning all out kill attack is almost unheard of.

            • It gave her a warning, it even gave her one when you first meet the dog. Clem even noticed the dog growling with she tried to pet it, to me that was the first sign. I'm sorry, yo. We are just going to have to agree to disagree. The scene was believable enough to me; all about trust either way in my eye.

              Don't trust dem wild, hungry dogs. 8(

    • But it growled even when it met her and this isnt a well domesticated well fed dog its starving

    • You are aware that you're extremely over analyzing this, yes?

    • Even though you're getting a lot of thumbs down, I have to say you've made a well-reasoned reply (that I happen to agree with). Some people just don't like their opinions juxtaposed to contrary facts.

  • This thread is poppin Lol

  • The dogs ears went back and it clearly growled before right before it bit her.

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