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Cow discussion

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Cows are fascinating creatures. Since they feature such a big role in the next chapter of Bone, I thought we could here discuss these amazing animals.

Which breed is your favorite? I myself am partial to longhorns and guernsies.
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  • I'm a traditionalist. I like the black and white Gateway cows. Well, those are the kind I'm more familiar with. Not that I know any cows. Or see them on a regular basis. Or even an irregular basis. Actually, whichever cow is the type that we get hamburger from is my favorite. And the cheese cow. I like both.
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    Black and white Gateway cows would be Holstein... cows.

    A fact about cows that is probably false: Cows are really just fat deer.
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    I worked summers at this farm when I was a kid. They had several cows, among other animals. The mother cow was Rose, and she was white with black spots. She had a calf Aggie, and another calf a year or two later named Charlie. Aggie had the same coloring as Rose, and Charlie was brown. (The father cow bull was from another farm so I don't know what he looked like.) I learned how to milk goats, but we did not milk the cows (it had to do with licensing or the health code or something along those lines). The cows' raison d'etre was supposed to be so we could learn about the lifecycle and the connection between animals and the environment and food and all that.

    When Aggie was about two the people who ran the farm had to decide what to do with her. They were talking about selling her as a breeder because she was "such a beautiful cow." (I don't know if I'd go that far, but we kids all loved her because we were there when she was born.) Ultimately, though, they decided to butcher her because that was supposed to be the cows' purpose, and that fall at the harvest fest they were selling Aggie burgers. :( One of the reasons I became a vegetarian. Charlie was later butchered too, if I remember correctly, but it wasn't quite as traumatic.

    As a completely random aside, in the bottom picture on the farm's homepage, the guy on the far right was my first boyfriend ever. This was like 15 years ago... I can't believe they still use that picture in their marketing materials. It was originally taken for a brochure, long before they (or anyone else) had a website.

    EDIT: Found a picture! Rose is the one in the back.
  • We here in New Zealand are more a sheep country. They're kind of like cows only small, wooly, you can't milk them and they're very excitable. Good times can be had when wandering around Auckland city and finding hidden patches of land filled with cows. When you think about it it's really weird being able to clearly see the motorway streaming by into the middle of the city while you're standing in the middle of a field next to two cows.

    I like cows. Cowing away. Cowingly. So quiet and slow for such big solid creatures. Jesus I feel stupid reading what I've just written.
  • You can milk sheep, silly.

    So, was that you in the paddock with the 2 bovine I saw when taking the motorway into the city today?

    Now that I know you're out standing in your field, I shall have to pay more attention to your posts.
  • UCSC is currently full of cows.
  • i met a cow once on my way home from a party. don't ask how i got to that party, and why i was walking home from it, as it wasn't near where i live. and it wasn't a cow, it was a bull. and it was angry.

    but then again, i live in norway.

    i was ofcourse expecting an icebear.
  • UCSC is currently full of cows.
    That may be, but surely the women at your university still have a great personality. :-/
  • Curse you!

    I pity those cows, actually, with the weather we've been having down here lately. Got woken up this morning by hail. That can't be fun to stand around in all night :(
  • Getting tenderized by pummelling hail only makes cows juicier and more delicious. You know that.

    But I can imagine it's not much fun. It's a problem that plagues all outdoor creatures, though, not just cows. I propose a massive deforestation of all of nature and just cover the entire earth in shelter, so the animals won't get bothered by rain or snow or hail. Or sunlight.
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