Season 2 Episode 2 Theory and Questions

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I really enjoyed episode one, I thought it was a great episode but- however, I've been doing a lot of thinking and I've a few predictions as to what might occur within episode 2- I'd like to share my thoughts with your's and to see what you think.

Alright, to begin with they seem pretty well off in the cabin in the woods, however- as seen in the preview, it appears this Carver guy shows up. Now, I believe him and his group are responsible for the mass shooting's at the river, where Pete, Nick and Clem go in the last chapter of the episode. His name's mentioned several times, so he's looking for them. I believe either -he- or one of his pals show up in episode 2, and as a result they make the executive decision to leave- and travel to the mountain's, as Luke mentions such in the preview- I think this story will also cover the first few chapters, along with the fate of Pete in my case as he's been bitten.

So, naturally Carver and his men pursue them- but they're ahead. However, I believe once they reach the mountain's they encounter a new group either led by Kenny or Lily, as Clementine states: "I thought you were dead" looking quite shocked- I think Christa's out of the picture, they're the only two I can think of though I hope it's Kenny. The reason for this, is that the group don't seem to know them: as they state "put the guns down" and they seem to then turn to the mystery person who's their leader. So, I believe this is Kenny or Lily- and upon seeing Clementine, they give the group a chance. If it's Kenny, he would- as well my Lee and him were best friends.

So, they get settled in with Clem having a catch-up with everyone and having a long discussion with Lily and Kenny about what happened, perhaps speaking about Lee? If it's Kenny, he can be given the drawing of his family. Then, I think Carver and his Crew will show up, hostile and there's an assault or an ongoing battle, and after the skirmish that'll end the episode. I'm a bit of a Kenny fan boy so I think it's him, and potentially this could lead onto the next episode- Rebecca's, also very near labor. I'm predicting at least 1-2 deaths from the main group.

Finally some questions:

1) As I saved Pete, I'm curious if Nick will wind up death, get lost and appear in a later or episode- or he gets captured by this Carver and ends up as a bargaining chip?

2) Who's the leader of season 2's group, again I'm unsure: It's obvious it's either Pete or Carlos calling the shots?

3) Who do you think the mystery person is? (Molly, Christa, Kenny, Nick, Lily)

4) Is Pete fucked either way, I mean don't have you to remove the bite area immediately? It seem's he's contemplating a bit.

5) And finally, do you agree with my thoughts that they're fleeing from Carver and encounter a new group on the mountains?

Thanks for reading.


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    I have just finished playing chapter one from season two and reading your comments was very good 'cuz I really was itching to discuss it with someone and read something about it. Anyway...

    1 - I think he will be used as a bargaining chip as you said.

    2 - I think the leader is this Carlos guy (I hate him BTW)

    3 - I am a crazy Kenny fanboy who fells a kind of mixture of love and hatred for the character, but I sure hope it is him. I also think he is the one because his fate was mentioned to have been supposed to be explored in season two, so I do think this is the way of exploring his fate... by showing he is alive. Besides, in the trailer Clementine was show walking towards the mystery person in a real badass-looking way, so she is either outraged by the sight of the person (which could be Lilly), or she thinks the sight of her is enough for the tides of the negotiation to be turned in her favour (or so she thinks). Therefore, I think Kenny is our man as he has/had good leadership skills, a short temper, a knack for bossing others around and crazy survival skills. since my Lee was his best pal, he would probably feel that taking care of good 'ol (or should I say 'yon?) Clem is what his best friend Lee would have wanted him to do (I chose him to take care of Clem in CH5).

    4- Yes, Pete is gonna cut it off.

    5 - I do think they are fleeing from something which could be a crazy enormous horde of zombies or this crazy dangerous gang.

    One thing I'd like to comment is how Omid's death was sad and pathetic. I would also like to say that the protagonists of this game are REALLY unlucky and they keep dying because of some random seemingly meaningless facts and happenings that eventually cause somebody's death. It is just sickening the way how things always turn out to be the worst they can be for our heroes. Examples? On chapter one or two, when the group arrives in Macon, the zombies are just hidden like SWAT-ninja-crazystealthy-secret-supersoldiers!! They attack in such a coordinated and effective way it sickens me. Weren't they supposed to be dumb, noisy and... DUMB? They're more organized than SWAT!!! Anyway, done with the ranting here. Salutations from Brazil!!!

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