• Man, I agree. I believe and hope its Lily because I've wanted to see her again. Although the way it's set up, they are hoping people believe its Kenny just to crush those dreams. That's how I see it. Honestly I hope it isn't Kenny, I think I had enough of him in season 1. But yeah, I'm for team Lily, would be interesting to see what choice words she would throw at her after what she did to Carly. She never had her chance to say anything, and how she grown now...I'm sure she has something to say.

    On a side-note. You know by saying unrealistic, that dog conversation will probably spill in here. Haha.

  • Personally I think its a better chance of being ken than lilly. Just her response "I thought you were dead" doesnt really fit with lilly because she was alive last time. While I agree with you kenny probably should be dead, I dont think it would be a plot hole if he comes back. Tyreese has come out of similar situations in the comic and tv show.

    • True, but her reaction was (at least for me) in a tone of "I-thought-you-were-dead-because-I-havnt-seen-you" I mean its been what? 2+ years right? In a zombie apocalypse thats a long time. I would assume she died too. As Kenny remarked when she took the van I think it was something along the lines of that is barely had any gas in it and supplies.

      • The dude who looked through the files uncovered the script where it describes Clementine being "stunned." If I saw a guy I thought was dead I would be stunned too, I definitely wouldn't be all ecstatic as my brain would need some time to process it.

    • thats the comic, kenny is no comic tyreese,that tyreese would rip kenny apart. molly even owns kenny if an old man make it out its unrealistic

      • Hey,what if it's Molly?I know it makes little to no sense but it isn't impossible,nor illogi-well I suppose it is a little illogical since 0nobody saw her die,and she wasn't in a possible death scenario either,unless you didn't save her from that walker.

        • i dont think it's molly. i think its kenny because the fans will not let him die

          • What about the girl in the beginning of season 2 episode 1?The one that shot Omid?She was gut shot,still breathing and Christa probably left with Clem so she could let her suffer.It fits the "I thought you were dead" line,and apparently NOBODY thought about it yet :/

            • maybe but it looks alot like kenny

            • That wouldn't be a big surprise, and everyone would be pissed if that happened.(If it was the Girl who killed Omid that is)(Michelle) And Since I have a Kenny picture everyone is probably going to assume I want it to be Kenny, Yes I Like Kenny a lot, but I do Believe it could be someones else. The only thing I really want is for his fate to be told, which can be told from this, so he can possibly come back. Though I don't want Lily....I HATE her, for what she did to poor Doug....Anyway if its not Lily then I'd say Kenny, or someone they met during the 16 month period.

            • What if it's Omid? Or one of the two camp members you didn't assist at the end?

            • Interesting theory. That would be a great way for Telltale to piss everyone off. Lol. I really hope you're not right about that. :)

      • Molly is a bad ass. Molly can own Lee as well, it depends on how quick the player is. I usually own her though.

    • Are we 4getting about the bandit in the river? It could be him though

      • He got shot with what seemed to be 3 shotgun shells,those were clearly gauge shells,which means at least about 12 metal fragments inside his gut,there's no way he survived.

      • I don't know why people are insisting on the bandit dude when we last saw him too injured to walk and surrounded by walkers. He's dead, no telling how badly he was shot up and he could barely breathe.

        I think people are fixated on this dude because of how the Stranger came out of nowhere last season and so are latching on to one-time characters. From a writing standpoint that scenario was plausible, but if this guy miraculously makes a recovery and just so happens to appear in the mountains a few days later I would be calling bullshit.

    • @killerb Um you know Kenny hasn't got his white belt right? He is nothing compared to Tyreese.

  • Telltale literally said that they were going to explore Kenny's fate in Season 2. Clementine also saw Lilly alive the last time they were together. There's almost no way it isn't Kenny.

    • I actually forgot that tell tale said that. I agree there is a chance it is Kenny just based on that comment however I am still sticking firmly to Lily. I think you are forgetting that Clem wasn't there for Kennys "death." Even though we know what happened she never did. Lee never said anything to her afterwards about the group (except to meet with Omid and CHrista) So Clem also saw Kenny alive last time they were together.

      • I'm sure Omid and Christa would have told Clementine what happened to Kenny. Why would she go on not wondering about his absence? I'm sure Lilly will show up in the future, but the person Clem is referring to in the teaser is, almost without a doubt, Kenny. Maybe we'll even get some more Kenny/Lilly tension this season.

        • wern't you the same guy that said "There's no way that the guy (Nick) in that picture isn't kenny" ?
          Why should we believe you now?
          You're too desperate. All of you.

      • It's not like she spent six months with Omid and Christa who saw it happen and might have mentioned it to her.

        • might - key word. If someone can defend their Kenny standpoint without using "might" "probably" "should" "may have" "could" or "possibly" that would be really great.

          • I find it really hard to believe that she didn't ask about Kenny in the 20 some months she was hanging out with someone who saw Kenny's sacrifice.

            Also, please tone down the aggressiveness dude, the people who believe Kenny lived are entitled to that opinion until proven wrong, same goes for the camp who thinks Kenny died. Please be nicer about it.

    • Just like there was almost no way it wasn't Kenny in the trailer?

      I can't wait until we finally run into a Kenny walker and get to shoot it in the face so that this argument can die.

      • That be "exploring his fate" by seeing him as a Walker, so I'd be happy.

      • I REALLY want him to be alive, but more than that I just want to find out what happened to him. Since I'd finally have closure, I'd be fine (if sad) with this.

      • That would be an amazing coincidence if walker Kenny somehow made his way from Savannah, Georgia all the way to the country side of North Carolina. I would have a hard time believing that is even possible, also it's been over 16 months. A Walker Kenny would be almost unrecognizable to the player if he just magically showed up. Think about all the players who didn't recognize Doug and Carley when their dead bodies showed up in 400 Days? A lot of Let's Players I saw didn't even react until the comments when someone pointed it out.

  • Also, it wouldn't be ridiculous if Kenny got out of either situation he was in. We couldn't physically see the amount of zombies he was facing in either situation.

  • Never thought about Lilly. Do think it is Christa though.

  • But Clementine doesn't think Lilly is dead. In both situations she is just gone, never assumed dead, especially since this is before Clem really starts to 'shape up' so to speak into a more mature individual who might realize how unlikely Lilly's survival might have been (considering the being left behind option, at least.) Kenny Clem does think is dead, because we can assume he would have come up once she found Omid and Christa. ("Where's Kenny?" "Oh, sweetie, well, he...") No matter what they said to her, she could figure out for herself that Kenny was pretty definitely dead, or at least presumed dead.

    I still don't think for sure that it will be Kenny, but I think it being Lilly is just as unlikely. Maybe Christa or even a character from the episode itself - or the last one; Nick or Pete? It can't be Omid and it can't be Lee, those two are for sure. And it being Lilly is definitely unlikely - at least in my own opinion.

    • Certainly it is more likely to be Lily than Kenny. Lily has a much Much MUCH higher percentage of actually still being alive for one. Thats not even arguable. Two, she drove away from them and the direction of the train meaning she went North which is where the group currently is apparently. Three, as I mentioned above Clementine thinks Lily is dead because of the uncertainty of her fate. Four, you can't assume that (CHrista and imid telling her Kenny died) happened without Telltale telling us.

      Just look at the storyline. The way Lily left almost writes itself that she will be back. The way Kenny leaves the group it is almost certain he died.

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    I still like to think that Game Lily is compatible with Comics Lily despite Kirkman going back on his arrangement with Telltale and writing that book. Also Telltale said they will explore Kenny's fate, so therefore I pretty much think it has to be Kenny.

  • In a zombie apocalypse where Clem has seen so many people die everywhere; is it so hard to believe that maybe she thought Lily died? If I haven't seen someone in year or more where zombies are pretty much killing everything, I'd believe she was dead too. I'd think a lot of people I haven't seen in a while are dead, actually.

  • It could literally be anyone from Season 1 who disappeared without actually dying and her reaction indicates she's not happy to see this person. It might well be Andy St John for all we know.

  • I still don't get why Clem would have thought that Lilly was dead, though.

    Honestly, the more I go through the process of elimination, the more likely that it is Kenny. I really hope not, just so I can enjoy another round of the crying from Kenny fans, but I'm starting to think that none of the other options make nearly as much sense.

    • Put yourself in Clementines shoes. Every single person you have met in the past 2 years has died. Why would she believe Lily who stole a empty RV with no gas who is by herself, survive?

      • Eh, I guess that makes sense. It still seems like a bit of a leap, but I guess it's not that big.

        I really really hope that it is her, because I am a super villain and my power source comes from the tears of Kenny fans. :(

        • Dude, leave all the Kenny fans alone. They are humans just like you, how would you feel like if people would make fun of you for being a Lilly fan and say "You are team Lilly because you want to have sex with her".

          • Exactly, your being an asshole for no reason other then wanting to be an asshole, I for one like Kenny, he was a good character, no need to kill someone over an opinion.

          • People can believe that Lilly is alive without actually being a Lilly fan. I couldn't stand her, and I'm pretty sure it's her. Though yeah, it was a bit rude to say the super villain thing, but I'm pretty sure he/she was kidding.

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