• Well like you said, that (the future being Lee) isn't going to happen. I don't think there is anything TT could do that would stop me from playing. Even if the person is Kenny or some other unrealistic figure. Id still play because the storyline and plot is amazing.

    • I don't know. I might stop playing if Kenny comes back. Depends on how they do it, if they do it. Because to me that would be just like bringing back Lee. It would cheapen a great heroic sacrifice, and ultimately it would feel like a cheat. You have to play fair with your audience, because otherwise they can tell, and it takes them right out of their suspension of disbelief.

      IMO, Telltale already kind of stretched believability almost past the point of absurdity in Episode 5 with Lee cutting off his own arm and continuing to hack through hordes of zombies as though it were just a scratch and the guy on the radio turning out to be the owner of the station wagon who followed them all the way to Savannah. I'm still on board, though, because the payoff for those things turned out to be pretty awesome. But it's still a risk any time they try to pull something like that, and certainly, it's possible they could reach a point where there are just so many contrivances and deus ex machinas going on that I just decide this is crap and quit playing. I don't see it happening any time soon, but it's always a possibility.

      Although, I got the season pass, so even if the next episode were to turn out horrible, I'd at least play through the rest of the season just to see if they can save it.

  • If they kill Clem the series will be dead for me.

  • Not even killing Clementine off would make me stop playing at this point. The ONLY thing that would make me stop playing is if they fire everyone in the crew and hire new un-talented people cough cough TWD S3 television show cough cough

  • If they keep killing off characters for shock value it'll end up being a bit pointless

  • i have to say i will keep playing even if they kill off Clem, but yeah the series would be pretty dead to me after that. hell alot my other friends refuse to play the game after Lee died, dont know why, but yeah you get the point

  • Well, I suppose if everyone of season 1 and 2 were to die at the end of season 2, so that we would have to go with an entirely new cast into season 3, I think I would drop it, because that would mean there wouldn't be anything looking forward to.

  • if they gave me a dog as a friend and it ended up attacking me and I had to kill it.

    oh wait...

    • This. Just....this. I mean seriously Telltale, there are lines that shouldn't be crossed. Like, double-lined lines. This was one of those. Screw realism for once, okay? They could have found a different way for the rest of the episode to go.

      • I just don't get this.. How can a dog dying be a line that just SHOULDN'T be crossed? Humans being torn apart and eaten alive is somehow less offensive? lol that just doesn't make much sense if you ask me. I might understand if we were forced to, say, hunt the dog or something like that, but this was a case of self defense.

    • I know how you feel. I might have felt a bit better if he attacked me right away. But instead we do all this bonding stuff and he just bites me for a can of beans ;-;

  • I'm sure there's plenty. Your example is pretty good, bringing back Lee despite how obvious it is that he died. There are lots of similar things that they could do that would be hacky and stupid, really.

    Would they, though? I honestly think that I trust the Telltale writing staff more than any other writers in any genre, with the exception of David Simon and his crew (the Wire, Treme, etc.) As long as they keep the same commitment to quality, I highly doubt that I will ever let another TT game go by without purchasing it.

  • I love this game but if Clem got killed i don't know if i would enjoy the next season half as much as 1 and 2.

  • Outside of killing Clem, not really. As long as everything they do is reasonable, Lee being alive or some craziness like that would ruin my enjoyment, but I trust TT to not be that dumb.

    Even if they killed Clem I would probably keep going but my enthusiasm for future episodes would drop to near zero.

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