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The Walking Dead Season 2 (Xbox 360) Release date for Ireland

posted by The_Joker_Jim on - last edited - Viewed by 1.9K users


I am a huge fan of your games and you guys have done fantastic work on The Walking Dead and The Wolf among us. So, imagine how disheartened I was to find out that you have no plans to release The Walking Dead season 2 on Xbox 360 with no warning before hand. This would not be a problem as it is available on PC, however, having spent time on money on the first season on xbox 360 I want to continue it there.

All I want is an answer as to why it was delayed and if/when the xbox 360 version will be released, as a fan and as a customer I really don't think this is too much to ask. Please don't reply with 'no further information available' there has to be a reason and surely by now you guys should be willing to tell us what that reason is.

I know Ireland is a small country and not releasing it here probably won't effect your business too much but you do have loyal fans here who really want to continue their walking dead stories.


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