• As we all know, nothing engenders loyalty from a dog like letting it continue to starve while you eat in front of it. That definitely makes sense.

    I've always loved the inevitability of the choices in TWD. There are a lot of fates that simply can't be avoided no matter what actions that you take. It feels quite a lot like life.

  • The dog attacking has to happen to set up the "was she bitten by a zombie" arc that basically is the motivator for everything for the rest of the episode.

    I'll grant you that giving the man water or not seemed like it didn't have any impact but just wait, maybe it does? Maybe Nick will say something about it later or maybe it helps to change Clem in the future, i.e. she's shown she's not without mercy. Or maybe that guy survived (long shot, I know, since there were Z's all over the place), but maybe he did and she encounters him again and he remembers she showed him some compassion back then (or not) and will do the same (or not). Just sit tight and see what happens

    EDIT: The fact that the water choice shows up at the end as one of the "major" choices made leads me to believe it will have an impact on something at some point.

  • Would be better with choices though. Stupid, picking choices that don't effect the story at all.

    • Not an immediate effect but it wouldn't be the first time a relatively minor choice had far reaching implications..... like choosing to take supplies from a seemingly abandoned car, perhaps?

      • But if you did or didn't it made no difference. Clem still got kidnapped and everything played out the same.

        • Well as Sketchy said up above as much as this game changes with how we play it there are certain things that TTG have decided are going to happen no matter what. It was the fact that the others took from the guy that started everything and he really didn't care what Lee did or didn't do- guilt by association.

          Clem, on the other hand, made the choice on her own with no one else around to give the man water or not so it's all on her in my opinion. I just think it'll come back in one way or another down the line. Especially since it shows up at the end as one of the major choices of the episode. I really see Clem encountering that guy again and he'll either remember that you showed him compassion or not.

          • I understand certain choices have to happen. But choices like picking who dies should be a lasting effect, not have them die the next episode. Certain choices would not effect the game a huge amount but cause little chances to the game. The water choice will either make a difference to the game or will not do anything. If it does make a difference then that's good and not likely to be a huge choice but make it more personal to the player.

            • Well even in the first season it was like that though. You don't really change the game. If you save one person over another they still die eventually, just later.

  • Welcome to season two. Be prepared for more disappointment, I certainly am.

    EDIT: I should have written that only season 2 is bad. Season one and the 400 days DLC are great.

  • You don't change the story with your choices, you change the way it is being told.
    That's the idea behind the concept.

    It works fantastically if you don't overanalyze every choice and just enjoy the game.

    • Yeah, but i still think if you save someone over someone else they shouldn't have to die the next episode, i hope pete will live at least up to ep 5 since i saved him.

      • I'd say that Episode 5 is a bit of a stretch, especially since the only way he'll survive is by having to saw off his leg, which certainly won't do him much good since out-hopping a walker isn't as safe as outrunning one. I'd still like him to stick around for awhile, though, he's pretty cool.

        • I think Pete is the leader of the group or at least one of the stronger voices and in order for Clementine to have a say in what's going on or at least a louder voice he needs to die. The group doesn't seem well-organized and while I'm not expecting Clem to turn into a big badass leader at 11 I think she has to have a certain amount of freedom to voice her opinion. Pete was definitely a leader among them and they looked to him. He needs to die so Clem isn't a follower the whole season. Also, Nick's seen in the trailer drinking and telling Clem "you could have saved him," so I think he's either dead or starting to turn.

        • I guess, but i hope sticks around for a while at least.

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    CIementine BANNED

    ya enjoy the game and stop complaining

  • Kinda sad to see how anyone who criticises the fake choices immediately gets down-thumbed to the ground.

    And then people try to defend it with some nonsense. It won't get any better in the future if you do that.

    I love Season 1, but most of the choices in the TWDG series don't have proper consequences, that's a fact. I guess you have never played a real multiple choice game.

    It works fantastically if you don't overanalyze every choice and just enjoy the game.

    You mean it works fantastically if you are willing to be fooled and only play it one single time.

    I don't know about you, but I generally play my multiple choice games more than once, because I want to experience them in their entirety and not just some parts of them. You can tell that there's something wrong if such a game doesn't have any real replay value. A good RPG with a proper multiple choice system easily offers you 100+ hours of gameplay.

    • Exactly! I love this game. I just want it to the best it can possibly be. Yet some fans seem to want to ignore the fact that no choices matter, even though it kept saying it during the first season. The game having real choices would make the game better, seems like some people don't want it to improve.

      • I just think people believe more choices make the story sort of shallow. Which is logical, having 10 branching roads with seperate stories wont be as deep and fleshed out as one.

        • I agree with that. Just having a bunch of branching off choices just for choices sake wont necessarily improve the storytelling. Ive been satisfied for the most part knowing that small changes build up into significant ones over the course of the series. All my choices matter to me.

        • Thing is a lot of people are thinking major changes. I mean small changes such as the giving or not giving water to that guy dying. One option is him simply dying or the other is info from him. Those sort of choices are not hard or going to effect the story greatly but enough for you to feel as if your'e choices do actually matter.

          • I think there will be some effect of the decision to give the guy water. Maybe not episode 2, but I think it will have some effect on this season (kind of like taking the stuff out of the guys car in season 1). But I do agree with you, there needs to be less choices like carley vs. doug, and more choices like killing lee or leaving him. Even the choice with the watch or giving the girl a pinkie swear I think is a step up from season 1.

  • Dude, that's part of the story, The walking dead world is not fair whatsoever

    • Don't offer a choice then. It offers you a choice and then you found out it's not a choice at all.

      • Think of it as real life, you choose something,but that something may not happen, and its 10 fold in a Zombie apocalypse. Plus, You are supposed to be the character, that's the whole point of the game, you can affect some of the story, just not all of it.

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