• Lets do what kenny fans do and create 20 "Christa is alive" threads. It's only fair :D
    But yeah, she's obviously alive .. if you picked the distract option.
    I think she's pretty much dead if you pick the sneak away option though, she gets stabbed in the leg and then soon after a gunshot is heard with no struggle.
    If you picked distract, you hear a grunt THEN a gunshot, which to me shows that she was wrestling the gun of the guy and he fired it into the air?
    No other gunshots are heard after this however.
    the distance clem traveled you'd of still heard any futher gunshots, so she probably escaped and killed all of them.

  • i agree, if christa dead they missed great story telling

  • She really should be dead if you choose to sneak off as she gets handicapped and then has a gun pointed at her

    • Which doesn't mean he shot to kill. If anything, if you're afraid there's a dangerous rival group in the area, wouldn't you very specifically keep her alive precisely so she could be made to talk?

      The choice to distract them or sneak off also lends weight to the idea that she's alive. If they just shot her either way, then its an empty choice which leads nowhere. If she's alive, then she can be angry or thankful depending on whether you tried to protect her. Her actual survival on this occasion is probably too vital a plot point to be determinant.

  • I heard a kick, a grunt, and a shot.

  • it could be lilly

  • It's possible Christa is going to die anyway at some point, just a question of whether it's there when you sneak away or at a later date. Remember we don't control the story just how we get there. And in season 1 whenever you made a choice to save someone over someone else it really didn't matter because that person wound up dying anyway, it's just a matter of how and when.

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