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Stealing the watch.

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I noticed that wasn't one of the things they mentioned on your choice list but I was wondering how many of you took the watch out of that drawer and how you think it will come into play later.

  • I thought it was necessary in some way for the things that could be comming, you know, like grabbing the knife first before the can in the abandoned camp with the dog...

    But I think that was the thing the pregnant woman was talking about when Clementine is having dinner before the end of the episode.

  • It looks a lot like a trap, but I took it anyway. Might come in handy... Who knows?

  • It could the best trap in the game. Most people avoid stealing it in fear of the consequences, but what if it actually helps in some way later on. Probably not, but what if?

  • Honestly I didn't even see a watch so obviously I didn't take it. I can't imagine it's TOO important but we'll see. We know one thing, TTG won't have it so that you lose the game or something if you didn't take it so it might just serve to have Clem caught with it later and everyone thinks she's a thief or worst case scenario it somehow leads up to someones death... not sure how but I think it def comes back into play.

  • I should of known there were more rooms to explore and I didn't even know it existed until now. I was of the mindset I had to get in and out of there before I was caught. I know those events usually would have some sort of timer, but I was thinking this would be the one time it didn't.

    • Agreed. I was just trying to get in and out ASAP. I figured if you hung around too long there'd be an endscene.

      • Yeah. That's why when I snuck in and peeked in the kitchen to hear them talk, I didn't stay too long because I thought either they'd turn to the door and see me or come through it after awhile and catch me that way. Since the game doesn't seem to acknowledge Clem even just looking at the watch so as to say "yeah she checked it out" saving progress, and not keeping/taking it, I will assume it wasn't necessary to see it.

        If it does play a crucial part I'll rectify that in my second save playthrough.

  • I knew that my little visit would be found out sooner or later, and I want these people to trust me : so I took only what I needed the most right now, and left the watch where it was so they wouldn't think of me as a thief.

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