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Lets predict and makes some guesses for season 2

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Lets hold off on the most serious question on everyone's mind "who's that poke'mon?!" Sorry I could not help myself, it sounded too funny. We all want to know the answer to big question who is our mystery survivor, well lets put that on the top of the pile and start questioning other related scenario's we have so far.

The doctors daughter... She is a good egg, but its not going to be enough if she going to keep on living, we all know that, so I am guessing maybe 30% or more were nice to this girl and did the pinky swear and what ever girls do.

Can we say there is going to be a solid bond between Clem and her without father's approval? Then we have the the ending choice of whom to help, the hot head step son or the bitten leg dad, I went with the father cause... well no real reason, I guess to see new drama unfold in the up coming episode. With the doctors daughter naive to the world down from the mountains, is there a possible chance we can we mold this egg head to a survivor or see her get turned to walker chow or killed by some other means, perhaps she our new Kenny for our Clem? So far the only threads popular are the one's related on our mystery guest in the next episode, so lets hash out some predictions on the other questionable topics.

We all saw the snow in the preview in episode two, the group is heading up the mountain and its going to be a winter wonder land challenge to get there, can we already assume someone is not going to make it, cause lets face it, its the wilderness and finding a car is a slim possibility. Not to forget a hunting party or another big group to add more to the party, oh not to mention our pregnant mean bitch trailing behind on the rear, I have to say I am already I seeing myself ditching these people If I were Clem. But hey its not like they tossed me in a shed with a massive wounded dog bite and having no choice to stitch it up myself, going through intense massive amounts of pain and killing a walker near every moment facing death and to add the cherry on top having a pregnant hoe give me lip not wanting to throw her into a pack of walkers and watch them dine on a two for one meal.

Now on another side note, this cult or group, they could be a bunch of madmen with a hatred grudge with blood lust or perhaps those who do not hold any slight weight of guilt to do whatever it takes for their own survival, who are these people and are they friend or foe for our Clem, that is the true question more then any other.

Already this new group is carrying secrets and holding in grudges, even before Clem's arrival the old man was the support beam to keep things in check, now that he is dead this group is slowly going to be torn down bit by bit. So that all being said lets keep this thread as a side line of guesses of what to expect and for those who actually know something we don't know, keep it to the barest minimum so its not a true spoiler bomb for the rest of us, thank you.

  • Docs daughter is a big question mark for me and the most interesting of the new characters. Predict she'll want to be BFFs with Clem who really doesn't want to be and we'll have the choice of being friendly with her or staying away from her as her dad wants. I do see some major action revolving around her. She seems too naïve to live but we do know that people can change and prevail so time will tell. Right now I'm at 50/50 she survives the season and the more I think about it the more I think it's likely she won't. I do see Clem, Carlos, and Sarah in some sort of weird triangle though and some major drama involved.

    I think Pete, the old man, had to get bitten and die. Lee was more or less the leader of the group in season 1 and Clem followed. She needed to be put out on her own so that she (we) could make choices that advanced the plot. Pete's dead if you choose to save Nick which means, to me, that Nick will die at some point too- anytime you made a choice in season 1 to save someone instead of someone else it doesn't' matter in the long run- they wind up dying. We don't change the story, just how we get there and who's with us for how long. Anyway, think Pete needed to die so that the group falls apart a bit and Clem can have a voice. Don't think they'll accept her as their new "leader" just yet or maybe ever and I don't think she's gonna turn into some badass Rick Grimes type but without the Alpha male calling the shots I think Clem becomes less of a follower than she would have been had Pete hung around.

    Can't even begin to speculate on who that group is that we see. Bandits? The "Carver" guy and his gang? Just another group of survivors? Too early to tell

  • Maybe Carver is the leader of Wellington which is a Woodbury type community

  • I see Sarah doing something questionable and Clem having the choice whether or not to rat her out thus determining their relationship against one with Carlos(and others?).

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