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Finally finished Season 2 with one glitch.

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The glitch was the walking dead.exe stopped working error. And it happened during the ending scene where you choose either Nick or his dad to save... But I restarted it, and it didn't exit again! Thank god, I finished it..

I copied all the saves from Season 1 on the Documents profile where Walking Dead folder was.. And it fucking worked. Thanks for helping me anyway.

  • Hope you had fun just like me (and a looooot of other people here). ^^

  • Yeah, now the only problem is the loooong wait for the rest of the episodes.

    Clemmy's I thought you were dead reaction was probably Kenny, Christa, or Lilly..

    And that preggie woman was a total bitch. Nick's clothing reminded me of Kenny's too..

    Clem is becoming the new mini Lara Croft, from dodging and throwing rocks at zombies, to surviving a dog bite with stitching herself up, and having a new BFF in the name of a nerdy Sarah!! Even comes with the small finger wrap sign too!

    And fuck that stupid black bitch in the bathroom trying to steal Clem's bag!!

    • Yeah the waiting is killing me too. ^^

      • The "I thought you were dead" reaction was Kenny. I think it was him, it must be. xD
      • The pregant woman was really a bitch. I told here to be nicer to me. ;)
      • I didnt like Sarah, I just said were "friends" to get the meds.
      • And the bitch in the bathroom hopefully died full of pain for killing Omid she deserved far more worse. >:D
      • On the bright side, Christa only shot her in the gut. Since her brain is most likely still intact, I'm sure she's shambling around somewhere as we speak.

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