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Season 1 episode 4: Brie

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Lol if Brie died at the Crawford school and eaten by zombies; then how the hell did she make it back to the house Lee and the group were at? I don't understand how that's even possible. Was she still human before turning to a zombie in order to return to the house? Please tell me what you think...

  • Well, the front door of the school was wide open, after all, and Crawford was just a section of the same town. Crawford was meant to be locked down in part because of the guards, who were no longer standing watch, obviously.

  • In the comics- can't remember who, but one of the characters mentions the mega(super?) 'herd' where one zombie will take another zombie's brushing against a door handle as going for something- and they'll all start moving in that direction. When she got turned, her corpse probably followed the pack to the house.

  • But I never heard of zombies doing that. There's no way Brie could have ran out the school before she turned :/. And yes maybe she did turn to a mega zombie

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