Friday Night Lights coming to TWDS2

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I noticed a interesting name during the rolling credits at the end of S2 EP1.

Scott Porter who played Jason Street in Friday Night Lights is voicing a actor. I did not catch the characters name because it was late.

I did some digging today and found this on Scott Porters twitter page. There is a bunch of talking back and forth between @Puzzlebox and Scott.

Hey, @jobjstauffer and I allowed to talk about that thing yet?

Check it out.



    He plays Luke, according to that wiki at least. :) Hopefully he can take a hit better in TWD than he could on FNL. :P

  • Yea old boy lowered his head and got smashed first episode. It would be ironic if Luke ended up as Jason Street did on FNL. I think porter was alson on talking dead as a guest a few months back.

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