Clementine as protagonist - death unavoidable?

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Anyone else gets a cold chills that something bad may happen to this amazing character? I don't want to see her die, really... I know someone may argue something must happen for the plot to continue, but it doesn't have to be always death. Now that they made her grown up by a year and a half almost she is more capable survivor than most mature adults which is no surprise considering what she's been through. Telltale may switch to a different character with different story at the end of S02 if they don't have any other ideas for Clementine other than to kill her. They can always revisit her if they so desire, but just please, as a fan I beg of you to reconsider if you are thinking of killing her. Killing isn't always the answer.



  • I am preparing myself mentally, yeah. If killing Lee was a natural move to pull, killing Clementine is a must. The effects of her death would be tremendous due to out time as her caretaker and as herself during this season. I don't want it to happen, but I know it can. That's part of the brilliance of the IP; nothing is certain.

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    Is this like the 3rd thread on Clems death? Not Complaining as I like to hear other peoples thoughts!

  • The story is already getting tense in the first episode. I'm really worrying about rabies that may caused by the dog bite.

  • Killing Lee was to prepare Clementine's character as the new protagonist, but killing her will serve no purpose whatsoever. It will be just to bring a tear in the fan's eyes. Make her a badass character that she deserves to be, don't just kill her to make us cry.

  • Sorry about that. I am just really emotional over this character.

  • Ah, No its fine, No problem here.

  • Making a point, that they would achieve. No one is safe -yadda, yadda- the world doesn't give a shit about her, etc. Hell, they can give her death meaning throughout the season. Maybe a noble sacrifice, maybe what it takes to survive is not worth it, hope lost, I don't know. But we have to consider that it might happen, and we need to learn to say goodbye to her character.

    Again, I sure as hell hope it does not come to that.

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    It would be interesting to see Clem develop into a few more seasons, but depending on the outcome of this season and future ones; she will either feel weaker or stronger mentally and that can really affect her character.

    More detailed info below

  • I hope Telltale does more than 2 seasons...

  • Depending on how far they advance the timeline in this season, I suppose it's certainly possible, but I really don't see it happening for another season at least, if it indeed goes that far. They have to make sure we care enough about someone else before they kill off arguably the most popular and beloved character in the series.

  • What would be great is if we could have different endings depending on what we do throughout the series. Then the next season(If there is one), we start from scratch with a new character, therefore making less work for telltale(No multiple beginnings and such). That would keep the series fresh, and also make it the players fault if the ending sucks for them lol :D

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    Clem is the Whole reason for playing the game, her death would be the end of it.However Kirkman has said himself if Rick dies he will continue the story. It may be the same for Clem possibly.

  • Exactly. I don't think she will die mainly because she is the character the story revolves around at the same time it is hard to write a good script with closure without her death. I personally don't think telltale will kill her but the possibility is a sign of great story writing.

  • I feel a lot of people will think that's copying Lee's death and they will feel betrayed.

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    Yeah, to an extent it would be copying Lee by killing another protagonist

  • The fact is that there's always the fear. If Duck wasn't off limits then neither is another kid- especially the protagonist. I think it all depends on TTG's intentions with the game and where they want to take it. The final, cruel, harsh lesson might be that no one is ever safe. But if they decide to do like the comic- they may keep making them as long as the demand is there which means Clem could live for several more seasons... or not.

    I think we all believe that TTG would kill off Clem if the right situation were there and that may not come this season but it may come in the future. One of the things I think makes the comic so fun and engrossing is that you're really not sure what they'll do- no one truly seems safe.

  • Well, if it does happen, I see establishing a new protagonist in Season 3, having Clem travel with him/her then doing it at the end of the season. I'm sure it will be a gut punch for most of us, but I imagine that Telltale will give us a pretty good reason to keep going with the new person.

  • Indeed. The possibility drives decision making. You're more careful about what you say and do, and you may make life and death decisions (Pete/Nick, for example) based on who or what gives you the best chance to survive.

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    The final, cruel,harsh lesson might be that no one is ever safe.

    I thought that was already established in the comics?

  • Well it certainly is I'm just saying as far as the game is concerned. It'd be fitting for us to grow so attached to this girl and then at some point- BOOM! Sorry everyone!

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    Same here. Though it wouldn't be a betrayal to me, but more of a "You couldn't do something better/ different with Clem"? Not that I'm saying it is impossible, because if Telltale feels this is how it should be then that's their choice, but I feel like they have something more in store for her. Maybe like an ending like The Last of Us where it's just a "life goes on" sort of ending and Clem just continues on with her life and with whomever is in it with her, and we move on to another established character.

    It's all up in the air, but I hope Telltale isn't in the business of repeating protagonists deaths, that feels cheap imo,

  • Sadly,that seems right.

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    No, it isn't. What's up with you and racism in particular? You mention it often in your posts.

    EDIT: It was character development and shock value (can't find a better word ATM) in the culmination of the season. It hardly mattered what Lee's skin color was. He played a role.

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    killing lee is racism.they never had to kill lee to make her badass

  • because shes a little girl. its easy for cute kids to be beloved not grown men. it's not because her great writing or voice acting. because she dont have a better voice actor or better written then kenny or lee.

  • I feel ya, it'd be sad to see Clem go away just like that all of a sudden...

  • I believe clem is a cash cow for telltale. like rick is for the comics and show. and that dont mean they are better then others just have alot of hype.

  • because i hate racism. when i see it i call it out. i love the game and pre order the full season 2. why did lee have to play that role, why couldn't kenny play that role

  • That's not Racism, Racism is calling another race a name, or saying your race is better than theirs. Just because Lee is black and he dies doesn't mean that's Racism....that would mean any character that died could be Racism, because you can be racist to any race, not just black people.

  • Well, Lee didn't die first.... And its usually how their character plays out, not just because of skin color.

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    I just wanna know why the black guy have to die in everything.

  • Because Kenny wasn't that pivotal in Clementine's story. His arc consisted on his emotional trauma over the death of his family and the obsession of finding that boat so that it wasn't all in vain.

    When I say Lee played a role I'm talking a paternal role and that of a strong, emotional conclusion. A character dying is not racist.

  • Yeah, racist would be Kenny's remark on Episode 2.

  • I don't know if "cash cow" is the way I'd put it but I would agree there's potential to have her around for a while.. I just wouldn't be surprised if they ultimately killed her off that's all.

    For the record, I do think it's possible Rick dies in the comic if the circumstances were right but NOT in the tv show until the end of the run. I feel the same way about Clem.

  • yes. lets make them immortal instead

  • Yeah the TV show will probably end with Ricks death and Carl going on his own....Wait a minute....

  • Don't pin all her appeal on her age. It's a factor to many of us, yeah, but it's insulting to what her character has become over the course of the series.

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