I upgraded my HDD on PS3.. no more saves (not in cloud)

edited December 2013 in The Walking Dead

So when I upgraded my ps3 hdd a couple of months back, I went from a 120gb to a 500gb. I simply saved all my save files to the cloud, and I was able to retrieve every game save, including copyright prohibited games like Dark and Demon's.

Since I haven't played Walking dead in a while, I just assumed the saves were in the cloud like every other save. But they aren't. Season 2 can't find the file, and when I searched the cloud storage.. nothing.

Where exactly does walking dead save the games? Does the save files go into the save utility or in the actual game file where you can play the game?

It looks like I'll have to wait on season 2 until I replay season 1. I want to import my save/choices before starting..

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