• When they're first talking about Clementines bite when she arrives at the cabin Pete says "We could take her arm off, it worked for a cousin in Ainsworth." This leads me to believe that Lee dies of blood loss if you take his arm off, after all it wasn't stitched up. This means Pete could take his foot off and possibly survive like Hershel in the TV series.

  • I chose Pete simply because he needed my help more. Pete was injured and out of ammunition, Nick still had bullets and appeared to be fine. I actually think that Nick is a more likable character than Pete, but in the moment I figured Nick could take care of himself while I try to prevent Pete from getting eaten.

  • I choose Pete perhaps partially due to nick having bullets and better chance and blah blah.

    But actually, another reason is when I looked at Pete's leg. At the time I felt like it looked less like a bite and more like....a scratch from walker hands or something. I dunno...

    Ok, so from the scene shown in the next episode preview, he is indeed 100% bitten. But at the time I wasn't sure. Hopefully the amputation is on time, and hopefully it allows Pete to live long enough until atleast episode 3 or 4.(Considering sadly telltale have to eventually kill killable-by-choice characters at some point if they weren't killed already by the choices. Ya know, like carley/douge, and ben)

  • Nick, I took a look at Pete's leg and thought nope. Although amputation was an option from past experiences I wasn't to sure about that working. I never thought about that in the moment anyway and just went the guy who wasn't bit. I liked both Nick and Pete and I don't really judge Nick for what he did due to what he had been through, at least he had the balls to come and apologies unlike most of the group. Yes I accepted it and I think that he is a nicer guy if we get to know him better, he was just looking out for those he cared about and his mothers dead obviously hardened him.

  • Personally, I didn't want anything horrible to happen to Nick, and felt a connection with him... buuuut I thought it would be better to comfort poor Pete in his dying moments, maybe even get to amputate and let him live. Also, Pete seemed a bit like a new Lee, even before getting bitten.

  • I chose Pete for a lot of reasons stated above (wounded, no ammo, he's a cool dude) but the final thought I had that made me go with him was how he treated Clem when he and Luke found her. I thought "Well, when I was bitten Pete had my back despite everyone else freaking out. What kind of person would I be if I abandoned him when HE got bitten?" So the biggest reason, I suppose, is because he did the same for me. If he dies or not, well, I just felt I owed it to him.

  • I chose Nick...simply because the cabin was on that side of the river. I did regret my choice in leaving Pete behind because he was kind to me, but in the end I valued Clem's survival (even though I knew she wouldn't die :P) over Pete's.

  • Nick looks like he's getting sh*t-faced drunk in the next episode, so is it safe to assume we can't rely on him now? If he keeps his constant incompetence up, I doubt he'll make it through the next episode.

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