• Nick because he is Rebeca's baby daddy

  • Most people here didn't actually answer the question. Oh well...

    I just hope NIck made it back to the cabin. Otherwise, he:

    1. may show up with a walker bite.
    2. will be dead/seen eaten alive by walkers.
    3. captured by one of the people responsible for the carnage at the river

    As for the debate on who to save, I initially saved Nick because Pete was already bitten and I have a strong feeling that he won't survive any amputation (if saved) due to time constraints. In the TV Series and Comics, Herschel and Dale, respectively, have their legs amputated just minutes after being bitten. However, Pete's situation is quite the same as Lee's because it took them a couple more minutes before having a chance to cut off their legs.

    Tip: Try doing 2 different playthroughs

    • Agreed. Everyone is assuming because Nick runs he's at thecabin. For all we know thisCOULD be a Doug or Carley choice even if it looks like Nick always runs. Instead of Nick being killed in front of us, it could be either ambiguous or hes killed offscreen or afterward or captured and Pete does survive after all

    • Telltale said in an interview (I'll try and find it) that this is a HUGE choice that affects the rest of the season. I think Pete survives if you save him and maybe Nick lives no matter what. However maybe whether Pete's alive or dead will affect Nick for the rest of the season and maybe he's less useful and more suicidal if you lose Pete. Could be interesting, because of that interview I'm assuming Pete lives if you save him and his fate will influence future events.

  • To me it wasn't a "who are you gonna save situation" it was who was gonna protect cleam and who I trusted. I chose the guy who wasn't bitten and had ammo. I was an unarmed little girl at the time I thought there was no way I could help Pete.

  • I'm wondering if its turns into the opposite of epiosde 1.

    Right now Pete and Nick live if you pick Pete and only Nick if you pick Nick however maybe next episode Pete dies from blood loss after amputation and you find walker Nick on the way back. If you choose Nick you both make it back That would be a nice twist and a split in the story

    • They said that this would be a huge choice that affects the rest of the season. I think choosing Pete will save everyone and is the best outcome despite being the riskier deal. In contrast saving Nick will not only lose Pete, but send Nick on a downward spiral because of his anger at Clementine and himself for not being able to save his uncle, and regret that the last thing he said to him was call him an asshole.

      I like how much better they did this choice than last season, like it was completely split down the middle with a small lean towards Pete. I guarantee that if Pete did not get bitten (Maybe it really was a scratch and the teaser is lying about cutting his leg off) that the choice would be 100% towards Pete.

  • Nick reminded me of Kenny, and Kenny was my favorite character so...obvious choice for me.

  • I saved nick and im wondering what happends to them both in episode 2 and do u think they will both die by the end of the season

  • I saved Pete.

    He gave Clem a chance when she was bitten.
    I felt that I owed him a chance too, even if his bite is a confirmed walker's.
    He seemed to know about the whole amputation thing too, and seems to have no issue with it. Let him have a chance at trying to make it.

    Nick was on the river side of the house , too. He could have just ran back there on his own.

  • Honestly I would be awesome if Nick actually survives if you save Pete. TT could play it on a very smart way:Pete is bitten - you automatically assume he is going to die,plus he is out of ammo.It would be a natural choice to save Nick.And that's what most people did.However,if you save Pete -- Nick runs off,comes back the next episode,and Pete survives by cutting his foot off.

    • Yes, but that never gonna happen, TTGs games have brilliant story but choises are allway pretty vain, but that would be awesome to see...

    • Telltale confirmed in an interview that this choice is supposed to be a big deal and affects the rest of the season. I think Pete survives and everything is goodish under the circumstances. However losing Pete will make Nick suicidal and less helpful towards Clementine since Nick clearly didn't need the help but his uncle did and he'll hold resentment towards Clem for that. I'm sure the last thing Nick wanted was for his uncle to die so soon after an argument.

  • It would be a nice change to have someone survive an amputation like Herschel. Badass Pete ftw

  • I saved Nick the first time because I saw him get bit, so I figured he was dead anyways.. But the second time I played the episode I saved Pete. I think Pete will end up dying pretty soon anyways. Sort of just like when I saved Ben from falling in the clock tower, but later he fell to his death on a spike. sort of like that haha

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