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    Yeah, I can see him becoming a fan favorite and we might end up in another Kenny situation.

  • If Pete is going to surive after the amputation, he`s gonna be the new "Lee" for our Clementine :D

  • I saved Pete. I think both Nick and Pete are going to die in Episode 2 unfortunately because it feels like a Carley/Doug choice, except if you save Nick, Pete dies in ep 1 and Nick dies in ep 2, and if you save Pete, both die in ep 2.

    But at least you get to have Pete around a LITTLE longer. I do not think that cutting off his leg will help - either he'll die from the complications during the amputation (bleed out, etc) and turn, or will get the leg cut off, not die from that, but it would not be fast enough to cut off the virus and he'll still turn anyway (like Lee did)

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      Deceptio BANNED

      I don't think it's a Carley/Doug choice. In that choice, if you save one, the other dies. In THIS choice however, whatever you choose, Nick still survives as far as we know. This is why I think Nick will have a big impact on the story, and we'll be seeing him for a while.

      • One assumption is that if you save Pete, you'll walk past Nick's dead corpse on the way back to the cabin during Episode 2 A House Divided. Not that I'd really want that to happen, obviously.

  • I saved Pete, because he didn't have any ammo and had Clem's back. Also, when Nick said "I'll cover you" I just thought he was going to cover me while I went to save Pete, and just panicked. While Nick was maybe in danger, I knew that Pete would definitely die if I didn't help him, so it was kinda obligatory for me

  • I had to go with Nick. Pete seemed like a cool dude but there was no way I was going to run to someone that appeared to be bitten and out of ammo.

  • I saved Nick. He was not bitten, and honestly, I liked him more.

  • They are both great characters. Still, I chose Pete. They clearly have an unresolved uncle-nephew relationship storyarc and I want to do my best to see it completed before either one of them dies.
    Hopefully Telltale delivers.

    Alternatively, maybe instead of the atrociously predictable "If a character CAN die now, he WILL die later" logic coupled with the recurring amputation-never-works mindset present in the games, Telltale could surprise us and have the one we choose live all the way until Episode 4 Amid The Ruins or with a grand badass sacrifice or something in Episode 5 No Going Back or hell, maybe even survive the season.

    ...Come on, a guy can dream, right?

    I mean seriously. Pegleg Pete. Pegleg. Pete. MAKE IT HAPPEN, TELLTALE.

  • I saved NIck because Pete was going to die regardless. With that bite on his leg, they would have had to amputate it, which would have killed him anyway considering Carlos is such a shitty doctor (durr, iz dat pepple bit or doge bit? I do no no. U stay n shed, den we see eff doge bit or pepple bit). Nick is secretly Kenny anyway, so there's always that.

    I don't think this is going to be a Carley/Doug again, as Nick runs off into the woods if you choose Pete, whereas Pete just gets chewed on if you choose Nick.

  • I honestly saved Nick because I liked him. I thought he deserved another chance.

  • I played it more than once so, both.

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