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Pre-choices for Season 2

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Wasn't sure how to name the title, hopefully it was enough to catch your attention.

Long story short to the point, I don't have my old Season 1 and DLC save, meaning I can't play Season 2 accordingly to my decisions.

Before I buy Season 2, I'd like to know if there's an "integrated Season 1 save continuer" (I really don't have the right words for it) but for example ;

When you go in-game, you have the choice to remake Season 1 in a answers based on the important and significant choices that influence Season 2, only designed for those who were unfortunate enough to unaware about the fact that the decisions you made in Season 1 affect Season 2.

  1. Save x
  2. Choose y
  3. Kill n
  4. Say z
  5. ....-20
  • If you have season 1 on that system the game should find the file and your able to continue with it (much like mass effect etc)

    If you dont you have to start with random choices.

    • I didn't play it on any system I owned but how much does the Season and DLC choices affect the Season 2 gameplay?

      I really couldn't care less about minuscule stuff, the only thing I care about is the appearance of certain character.

      For instance, if I killed X instead of Y in Season 1, I don't want to see X appear instead of Y.

  • No, you have to replay whole season 1 if you want to continue with your decisions, otherwise you can make a new data save and start with season 2, but all deeds and important decisions from S1 will be generated randomly

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