People who are complaining.

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Stop playing the game if your gonna complain and stop complaining on here it's annoying. I actually think Season 2 Ep1 is WAY better than Season 1 Ep1.


  • People are just stating their opinions on the game. If anything, it should be a good thing that people post what they didn't like from the first episode, so if anyone from TellTale reads the posts, they can see what they did wrong and improve on it on the upcoming episodes. Not saying that they did anything wrong, in fact, I really liked the first episode.

  • You have to allow people to voice their opinion. That's how improvements are made.

  • And thats why this game is episodic

  • In your dreams. S2 Ep1 was good but it didn't stand as well on its own as S1 Ep1 did at all. We barely even have a plot whereas Ep1 of the first season clearly established the theme that our protagonist was looking for redemption.

    I hope S2 will be more than just "Clem trying to survive" but at the same time I feel like I know it'll just get better from here on.

  • I thought it was good but I dont believe in just accepting everything an not rebuking it and often some complaining is good. That said people who complain should expect a counter argument as well.

  • I think the 1st episode of Season 2 was amazing I love it so much .

  • Im sure that the staff at Telltale games feel confident enough in the quality of their product to be able to endure a few rants. The response to this game has been mostly very positive so they probably have pretty thick skins.

  • Yup. Fire the writers.

    That would be a major improvement.

  • I liked the changes from a technical stand point, the upgraded HUD, upgraded graphics, voice work. All top notch imo, I thought it was a bit too short. Kinda sucks, but I hope the future episodes are longer and all this stuff about "Ah, these new characters suck we know nothing about them" So you automatically knew everything about everyone in the Season 1 cast? No, it took a bit, "But oh, this was full of action, there was no dialogue" Again, they wanted to make the first episode memorable and they did (imo), wait until we get the complete season before you condemn it.

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    Because season 2 is riding on the success of season 1. That will change soon though.

    But S2E1 already has lower reviews than S1E1, which is not surprising.

  • Just because you think it doesn't make it so. We'll see how things go when all the episodes are released.

  • Lets not forget, this was more like an "introductory" episode which explains the length

  • I will say season 2 episode 1 has less wholes in it than season 1 episode 1, by that I mean, I was replaying season 1 again and I couldn't help but feel a lot of areas made absolutely no sense, like the farm scene, or how no says anything after Larry punches lee clearly Clem and lee saw and maybe even Kenny, why Kenny acts like lee wasn't going to help Shawn even though the scene showed Lee saying "Now Shawn," the proceeding to run towards him, How the game makes it looks like the walkers notice lee after Doug yells to run even though the game makers probably intended otherwise, How Carly couldn't just pistol whip the walker holding her, ect. I mean the story was good but had some big holes.

    Now how S1E1 approaches the plot is interesting it gives you a small girl to protect after you were on your way to jail so it acts like a redemption story, with the goal being to keep the girl alive. S2E1 approaches it a bit a different. A small girl lost everything, then loses even more (Omid and Christa), and now she has to overcome the impossible. The goal survive learn from what Lee taught you and make your way to someplace better.

    The decisions in both were interesting, but I would say the final decision in S1E1 was a lot more of who did I like better, and one is definitely going to die, while S2E1 is both need help, do I choose the one who was nicer to me even though he's bit by the looks of it or the meaner one, who looks like he's fine.

    Then of course you have all your other moralistic choices, Do you give the girl the gun in season 1 or do you kill the dog in season 2. Save Shawn or Duck, Save Christ or not. I will say personally I felt Season 1 had more interesting choices to make but you know.

    In conclusion, both are good, both have there faults and I can't wait for episode 2.

  • Opinions. we are stating. where not going, Oh dis gam sucks because i cant use my gun to kill al de zambies, where going, I dont like this because there was an uneven narrtive structure between theese 2 guys. w

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