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Season 1 Choices : Save Game Generator

posted by filch on - Viewed by 16.8K users

My Season 1 save games are trashed. There is no way for me to recover them. I desperately want my game choices to be represented in Season 2. My personal time is limited, so replaying Season 1 again is not an option for me.

Is there any possibility at all that there will be some sort of save game generator where you pick the choices you made and it generates a save file to use for those?

I'm willing to wait to play Season 2 if it is a possibility.

  • Sorry to hear about your saves man. If you don't have a save from season 1 then the game will randomly generate choices for you, there is no way for you to pick what choice you made in season 1.

  • I know there isn't currently a way to do it. I was more asking for a response from Telltale if they've thought about or considered making a save game generator for those that have had issues with prior seasons saves. In this supposed app you could go through the story choices and select the ones you made, then have the relevant save game file created.

    I had hoped that by now, with issues for many people, something like this would have been created already. I'm wondering if there's any possibility of something like this coming. I don't think I can play through Season 2 w/o my story choices from Season 1. That story is personal to me.

  • I'm in the same boat. Lost my save files when I built my new computer (the one thing I forgot to transfer over), and have been waiting for something like this since then. Finally broke down and just went and played 400 Days without my save data, but would really rather not do that for Season 2.

  • Sadly, I think your best bet would probably be trying to find someone who made the same choices as you did and seeing if they'll share a copy of their save file with you.

    • Tried that already and got about three responses. One had made the same choices and said he was willing to toss me his save, but then stopped responding.

      Guess I'll just need to set aside a few hours and replay the necessary parts of the game. sigh

      • What choices did you make? Might as well post them here and see if anyone else is willing to help.

        Also, I'd love if someone made this, I think the best bet would be someone from a modding community. The downside is that a modding community for TWD doesn't even exist. There was a program made like this for mass effect, so its probably possible.

  • Advice get a UBS drive and save your files there

  • I think this is one of the reasons why the Steam version is superior - cloud saving. I have the steam version of season 1, but the TT version of season 2. What I've noticed is that no matter what computer I use at home, my season 1 save files are there.

  • Season 1 and 2 on Steam doesnt have cloud save.

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