• Kenny. I 100% think it's Kenny.

    I mean, the only way we're going to find his walker is if we start moving BACK to Savannah, or that general area, but Clem's in North Carolina. Unless Kenny did infact get out of the alleyway/building, made his way to North Carolina and THEN died.

    Kenny's fate is going to be explored.

    What makes more sense? That Kenny's walker went from Savannah to North Carolina, or that alive Kenny made his way to North Carolina with possibly a group or alone.

  • Kenny's not dead

  • For peeps sake Lol are people that stupid? TTG has already confirmed Kenny is alive Lol. All because they said his fate will be discovered in season two does not mean he's dead. They mean that the decisions you make in the game will determine if he lives or dies when he comes in the season. Plus did anyone even notice or realize Kenny could have got captured by The Stranger. Why? Look closely at the gun he's holding. That is the gun Lee gave to Kenny. Plus it is possible the stranger put Kenny in the room he was hiding in and Kenny Escaped when Lee and Clem left. Two he put Ben out of his misery so that he could draw walkers to him. That was Ben you here screaming. Three Kenny still would have got captured by stranger if you see Kenny down there. Three Molly could have saved Kenny from the walkers using Hilda. Four possibility saved by one of the people from 400 days. Also remember stranger had a son but he did not know where he was? I think the person Lee saw at the gate was strangers son. Why because stranger was too busy with Clem at the Hotel and he mentioned he never seen where his son went. Only thing stranger knew was his wife and daughter were killed. And yea these are spoilers... I thing stranger showed Clem a pic of his son thinking he was dead. strangers son could be who she thought was dead... so yea stop saying Kenny is dead because he's not.

    • Kenny dead. Sorry couldn't resist XD

      In all seriousness though, Kenny was my favorite character in season 1. The ups and downs in his and Lee's friendship was the second best thing about TWD next to Lee/Clem. There were points where I thought, man Kenny's a bastard (like when he wouldn't help Lee at the drug store). I also think apart from Lee's death, Kenny's 'death' scene was the most powerful (if Lee saved Ben...the other one was so-so) and the way he redeemed himself was top notch.

      To that end I wouldn't want Kenny to return in season 2 simply because his redemption left such a good impression of him, I wouldn't want to see that besmirched in anyway. That's just my opinion though. As for who I hope the ITYWD suspect is, I hoping Lilly because the drama that will go on between her and Clem will be much more entertaining than if it was Kenny.

      Lilly Dialogue: Clem: "I thought you were dead...you killed Carley/Doug" bitch slap

      Kenny Dialogue: Clem: "I thought you were dead...YAY UNCLE KEN!"

  • I honestly think it's Omid. It still just doesn't make sense to kill him off that quickly in Episode 1, and I doubt that bandit worked alone (a stretch, but still a possibility).

    Only other people I see returning are Christa, Kenny and the man you could give water, or someone in Clem's current group goes missing and the group thinks them to be dead. I don't think it would be Lilly though: Omid was shot, Christa is heard getting shot at (IIRC), Kenny's death would have been told to Clem, the man was half dead and in a zombie attack, and the last for currently unknown reasons. Lilly just ran away, and since it is a universal response, the choice of leaving her behind or not is irrelevant.

  • What if it's Sarah? Notice how she only appears in two scenes in the preview for episode 2.

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    Butt-head BANNED

    What about Jesus? He was crucified and died for sins or something. Now he's back and Clementine says - I thought you was dead, and Lord says - do not be afraid, I'm not a zombie.

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