I thought you were dead! Suspects



  • y would clementine think lilly is dead. lily runs away unlike kenny who is trapped by a bunch of walkers

  • clementine didnt molly die and y would christa and omid say she was dead?

  • could be shock. but happy

  • Why the hell are people saying its Christa ? Clementine doesn't think Christa died as a matter of fact she states that her friend is still out there and she is gonna find her , besides it looks like someone she hasn't seen in a long time

  • Although I would like for it to be Kenny or Lilly they just seem like the obvious choices. But then again you never know what's going to happen and that's what I like about the story you may think something is going to happen but it ends up completely different.

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    im starting to think that it HAS to be christa. Remember - clem wasn't there when kenny died and lilly she might think was dead but probably couldn't assume since she didn't see her die. I think her tone sounded kind of shocked and deep in my heart i'd like to think that telltale wouldn't be so cruel to make us lose both christa and omid at least before hearing from her what happened to that baby.

    Edit: more reasons I think it is Christa -

    It's been close to 2 years since the events of episode 5 (consider how pregnant Christa was in the beginning of season2ep1 and the 16 months time skip). Who knows how far they've traveled away from Savanah? I think it would be pretty convoluted and cheap for it to be Kenny or Lilly at this point...

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    Because it's too obviously, and also it's a cheap cliche.

  • Guys if it is Kenny do you think we'll play as him in a flashback scene?

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    Its the guy she found lying on the floor and gave water to.

  • Could be. But i hope its Kenny

  • As an ex brony I would just like to say that ponies are fucking cool as shit.

  • lol why you are an ex brony then ? Ponies are cancer and they should die. I hope this forum won't get invaded by fedora-wearing atheist neckbearded bronies

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    True. If you say "Help me and i go" you get a couple different dialog options , one of them is "Find my friend". If you pick that option she says , to find my friend christa. If she think she is dead then why she would look for her?

  • Because I stopped watching the show ... I don't do many things related to MLP but I still think that ponies are pretty freaking cool and anyone who likes them abides by the same standers. @Zev_Zev has a Pinkie Pie avatar, so what? They haven't been spreading shit everywhere about how awesome the show is and how you should watch it. So don't get all oppressive on someone because they like a show you don't.

  • Lol they watch a show intended for little girls and you think they are cool ? if you think ponies are so fucking cool then why is this fucking exists then ?

    Warning: Very disturbing image.

    They haven't been but they will. Just watch. I hope @zev_zev gets banned . We don't need this brony shit here

  • The way I would respond to that is

    I'm not defending everyone, I understand that there are some sick fucks out there that are attracted to these ponies. That's weird. But @Zev_Zev has done nothing wrong but disagreed with your opinion about Kenny then you start accusing them of being a brony and being a retard. Just stop harassing users who disagree with you.

  • He did something wrong . He is a brony. Seriously he needs to get off this forum and go to mlpforums which contains all sorts of sick fucks like him. You don't know what he does in his past time. He should remove that avatar and stop spreading cancer

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    It says nowhere in the forum guidelines that they can't have an MLP avatar. I hope @Zev_Zev keeps it and doesn't give into people like you. He/She comes here to discuss TWD not MLP, I'm sure if they wanted to discuss stuff like that they would head over to their own forum but so far they have only discussed things related to TWD and nothing in any way related to that show. You should stop spreading hate, that's the real problem here.

    EDIT: Fuck it I can't be bothered getting into an argument. You want to hate them fine we all hate something I guess, forget I said anything.

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    He should stop spreading cancer how about that ? Also there is no way that he is a female. Majority of brony fucktards are fat fedora wearing neckbearded atheists like he is.. Whatever this forum will turn into a giant pile of brony shit anyway. I'm done and i don't want to derail this thread any longer

  • Because one member has an MLP avatar. Ok.

  • This is just the beginning. . A retard decides to use MLP avatar and other idiots jump on bandwagon and this forum will turn into a pile of poop

  • So because one user has an MLP avatar the whole thread will turn into a MLP discussion pile of shit?

    Well I mean you have a TWD Profile Pic so that means spilling over into the TWAU DIscussion fourm is taboo and youll turn that fourm into a big mess of TWD discussion right?

    Because by your logic that pretty much sounds what you're saying

  • No. TWD is actually good. MLP is not ,it's obnoxious , its intended for little girls but many adults watch it for some reason

  • Looks like someone doesn't know what the word Subjective means

    Don't worry theres still hope for you yet


    There you go

    Oh and as a bonus im going to tell you what you were trying to define TWD and MLP as in your posts


  • Dawg, the Sheriff ain't liking this. Stay back man

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    Haha wow look at you trying to defend bronies.I can't believe someone would actually defend someone that watches little girls TV show all day.

  • Who is "the sheriff" ? you ?

  • Haha look someone who has never met someone with a differing Opinion and states his as fact

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    Haha look at this panda idiot riding this fat loser retarded brony's dick

    Also this vid is great. Guy in vid represents bronies.

  • Yeah CPR is not Clean, Pretty, or Reliable. It's like the medical version of the desperate last stand. CPR when done right, breaks the persons ribs, and can kill them anyway.

  • Dude calm the fuck down. I don't understand the bronies either, but
    I don't make fun of them on the Internet. Just chill.
    Also, ALMSIVI.

  • I equate people who think that all Bronies are rule 34 Loving Cloppers to people that think all gay males are pedophiles

    Srsly people you don't need to be ignorant for the sake of being ignorant

  • You serious ? They invade every forum they see.They are stupid , obnoxious and fat. There are people who detest bronies as much as i do .

  • Also wow did you not notice the satire of the pony haters at the beginning of the video

    Fucking retard can't even tell when your being mocked by what you use to "support" your claims

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    Wow calm down. No need to get rude. I did notice that

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    1. Not even a brony just stopping bigotry against online communities

    2. Thats probably a Pic of You............

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