• I would seriously love for this to happen, (if only because that means more Lilly for me), but yeah, as other people have pointed out, it would be difficult to work. Then again, how much more difficult can it be than the Doug/Carley thing? I suppose it depends on whoever it is' standing in the other group.

    • If Telltale didn't do the whole "Kenny's death will be explored in Season 2 thing" then I'd agree it would be anybody's guess. As-is, it almost seems like a given its going to be Kenny resurfacing. At any rate, I'll be glad to meet up with either Kenny or Lilly - or even both - I liked both characters. This game is full of so much death and sorrow that a little ray of sunshine like that occurring would be a welcome addition to this series.

  • I don't know, guys...Lilly was originally a character that was supposed to be a comic-character from woodbury, meaning they never intended for her to return when they wrote the story for her. For her to return just because Kirkman decided to screw TT over would kind of feel cheap.
    In my opinion, if you decided for a character to never return from the start, you should probably stay true to that decision.

    • There is unused audio of clips where you can hear Kenny dying, however since he is appearing in the next episode we know that he didn't die.

      So clearly their original decision was for him to die, but they changed their minds. That isn't cheap, they can use characters however they want.

    • Well they decided "from the start" that "Lee" was supposed to be Clems brother. Good thing they didn't "stay true" to that. Writer's have ideas, use that ideas and reject some ideas. So yes they intended to kill Kenny in an obvious way. Then for whatever reason, decided to keep a door open for him by making the scene less obvious.

      The only things that really are considered "canon" (to the game in that case) are the ones that are in the game. Not the things they at some point of the production process thought off but didn't use in the final version of their story.

      edit: I should have had really read the comment. It was about Lily. Yes she was supposed to not return even at the point the story was brought to the players. So that is a little different from a writing perspective. But still there's nothing in the game (which is what matters) that suggests that Lily did anything after she left the group. From the viewpoint fo the people in the game (and therefore the player) we don't know that Lily went to Woodbury. So I still would have no problem with her return, even if it wasn't planned from the beginning

  • I believe it's Kenny

  • I think it might be the guy to whom Clem can give water.

  • I think it might just be Christa. The two guys you see in the trailer for episode 2 must be part of a group that saved her from the bandits.

  • I want it to be Ben just so people would be angry when he tells of how Kenny died. It could be anyone though (you can always find some excuse why someone survived), even Kirkman did a we thought he was dead thing in the comics if anyone remembers Tyreese.

  • Actually, if you go back to season 1 in which you save or kill larry, and save him. When thrusting on his chest (if you get like 5 in before kenny kills him) you can see larry moving his lips and mumbling, completly un-zombified, and by the way guys, clemontine never was told kenny was dead, think about it. Clem wasnt with lee when kenny got killed, she was being held hostage by that guy. And plus, if you choose to stay with kenny when he tells you to go, then you can witness what happens to him, and hear him grunting a little and being eaten. It is not going to be kenny, bur lily is a possibility as well as Christa. Because if you play the chapter and distract them by throwing the rock, you can hear Christa screaming after a couple of bullet shots go off. #hardcore walking dead fan

  • It would be to easy for it to be Christa, even though that's who I think it is. Kenny would be a good addition to this story. ITS AWESOME SO FAR NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!

  • Wasn't whoever it was rolling with bandits? Can't see kenny being with them

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