• I agree; Telltale overdid it in this episode. Let's hope they lighten things up a little in the next chapter before going dark again. It's the kind of structure that helped to make the tragic events in season 1 more bearable, and the player more willing to see the rest of the story, even if it took them to a terrible place.

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      ManuelGarcia BANNED
      • Clem CAN'T be caught in the house even if you can open the door.

      * Clem CAN'T stay inside the garage, as everyone says and suggest to, even if you wait.
      * Clem CAN'T take her gun in the bathroom, even if you know it'll gonna be useful.

      Those are important and heavy restraints.

      It seems that it's more about what Telltale wants you to go instead of what they let you choose to do (and they do it REMOVING other choices, instead of justifying/hiding their inappliability).

      There's no "tailor", there's ony one dress they say it's good for you.

      It's so driven and forced that you see the strings of the puppeteer.

    • I love badass clem it mean she learned what lee told her.

  • She's not... It takes her twice as long to kill a walker than lee and it's also because WE are controlling her. They did a time jump for a reason, she's hardened and lost most of her innocence.

    • The time jump was something I didn't like. With season 1, you accompany characters from the very beginning of the zombie apocalypse onwards, which makes it easier for the player to identify with them. By leaping ahead in Clem's story, not only are we missing vital information about Clementine's progression from naive child to Carl-wannabe, but the tone becomes more reminiscent of THE LAST OF US, another horror/survival game I felt was too nasty for its own good.

    • Telltale can't go back now because we saw her stitched up her own arm with no pills. Did you see how much pain she can take? How do you make her innocence again after her stitching up a nasty bite. season 1 clem wouldn't have done that at all, lee would have.

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        InfiniteDawn BANNED

        Lee is gone now, Clementine has harden up. Christa probably taught her differently and also, we never saw what happened in that 16 month time frame. She could have gone through A LOT. And I see you going around the forums saying "Lee would have to do this for Clem" . She's 10-11 years old. This kind of stuff toughens a kid up.

  • You know the person who rated 60/100 gave Gone Home (aka shitty game) 95/100. I would rate this episode 85/100

  • "On top of that you can't even actively talk to anyone anymore. Every conversation is initialized automatically and the dialogue options are even more non-altering than in Season 1. Sometimes each of the 3 available dialogue options even leads to Clementine saying the exact same thing."

    That bothered me too.

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    Antero BANNED

    She has become naturally good at surviving and killing wallkers and she'll keep getting better as she grows up. Ever heard of young kids becoming exceptionally good at things they start at an early age?(musical instruments, sports, etc.) Same thing applies to her.

    • When I was 12 I knew how to chop down tree's, start fire, build shelter, tie knots and shoot a bow.
      (Not bragging I promise)
      Clementine can kill some walkers but I don't think she's fully changed. Point is that at 12 I could do things that clementine could do so and kids can be naturally good at this kind of thing.

    • It's the short period of time that bothers me. When you first met her as Lee she could barely hand him over that hammer while shaking like crazy. In Season 1 she was pretty much the most kind and innocent thing that you can imagine. She couldn't even handle Lee swearing.

      And she still seems to be like that in the intro of S2E1. She still can't swear (she says "shoot" instead of "shit") and as soon as the door of the ladies' room opens, she becomes scared and tries to hide instead of grabbing her gun.

      But then - only 16 months later - she suddenly wins hand-to-fand fights against adult males, stitches up enormous wounds on her arm and blackmails other survivors... Sorry, but that's B movie niveau.

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        Antero BANNED

        480ish days of living in hell isn't a short period of time.

        • Oh well... Since there has never been any zombie apocalypse in real life, no one can really tell how much (and how fast) that would really change the personality and physical strength of a child.

          I still think that this kind of transformation is not plausible for a lapse of 16 months, even under those circumstances.

          Having said that, all of the other survivors have survived just as long as Clem, so I guess they should be hardened as well, don't you think? I would assume they've been through the same stuff like her, so I don't see why she should have any advantage over them.

          • As horrible as it is, there have been militarizes/militias than have used "child soldiers" as young as 8-9 in combat. It's pretty terrifying how quickly kids can be stripped of their innocence and molded into hardened fighters. I say that to make the point that the environment plays a big role in a child's development. In TWD, we're talking about a world where civilization has fallen apart, almost everyone that you've ever loved or cared about is dead, and every day is a struggle to keep going (which ultimately is just delaying the inevitable). A week in this world would change a person, and after 16 months ... they might not even recognize themselves in the mirror. Throw in the traumatic things Clem has seen/been through specifically (Lee and Omid's deaths, being kidnapped, etc) and this is going to be a different girl than the one we knew.

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          InfiniteDawn BANNED

          It's been 2 years, it isn't 480ish. It's like 790ish or 800 days in.

      • She wasn't fighting hand to hand with winston mostly running

      • Actually if lee cursed a lot around Clem she actually does say "Shit!"

      • well heres my input. i grew up in poverty in most of my adolescent life. in elementary evryone around u all ur friends and whatnot are innocent. but just before we hit middle school, we started changing, getting into smoking dope, stealing, fighting, tagging, gang banging, hell by the end of the 8thgrade we werent the same and some of us went our seperate ways. its just fucking insane. the path of transformation a child embarks early on in life given certain condtions and influences and choices

      • to your second problem she does swear if you tell its call shit in season 1 ep 1 in the barn.

      • to your second problem she does swear if you tell its call shit in season 1 ep 1 in the barn.

  • You can make her "badass" and sassy, but you also don't have, theres just an option to do it. Also, it's been like almost 2 years since the zombie apocalypse, and Clementine has been exposed to a lot of danger, i would assume more than most people, like the current group she's with. Shes going to be able to fight after 2 years/

  • I agree with some of it though. I hope a telltale staff reads this.

  • Agree 100% i gave it a 7 on my youtube channels reveiw of it. il post it when its out

  • You summed up nearly everything I thought of this episode. Ever since episode five ended, I thought that my number one concern for S2 would be making Clem the PC. When it was revealed that indeed she was the PC, I gave TT the benefit of the doubt and agreed to see how the first episode would go. It was just like I suspected. Through various dialogue choices, anyone can make Clem OOC than she was in S1. I know, it's been 16 months. But to me, it seemed like it was just a plot point for Clem to seem "hardened" and apparently "lose her innocence". I'll be pissed if Clem turns into comic Carl without my choices. I admit, I play Clem as how she would be perceived in S1, but it concurrently makes me shift away from the character I loved in S1.

    Yeah, I do agree with you on the bleakness of things. And I do agree that Telltale has to advocate that this is a screwed-up I.P. they have a hold of. However, one depressing event after another and another makes it seem that this is forced and bad pacing. You can only lead the narrative into dismal events for so long before it seems bland.

    On the characters front, I'm not that concerned. We'll have plenty more chances to love/hate them throughout the course of the season. However, I do feel like S1 introduced us to characters better by giving more backstory. This wasn't a big concern. The overall narrative though, I'm worried about. I don't have any idea where the story is going, unlike S1.

    Overall, I gave this episode a 7.5/10. I'm really not particularly 'hyped' for the next episodes. I'll see how the next episode goes should I decide to continue or leave playing the season.

    • this, the episode had hope for VERY short amounts of time. Hope literally died in the beginning (Omid's name means hope). Of course, that was arguably necessary to the story, but they could have added more hope. They should have made the scene with Clem and Christa a bit longer showing their relationship. Not to mention, we needed more interaction with the people in the cabin. The problem with the choice at the end was that it was in the worst possible time to choose in terms of writing. In 400 days, the decision on the bus was meant to be quick and hard to choose, and the decision in S1Ep1 with Doug/Carley was meant to be after you understood who they were a little more. This choice was in between those, and thus didn't really work well. And of course theirs the whole thing with sam, which may have been necessary but it really threw away any hope in the entire episode. The only way that telltale can fix that thing with sam is in a future episode. Clem could find another dog, who is tied up or something. Jaded by her last experience, she could kill the dog in order to preserve her life. But, she could set it free in order to preserve her humanity. It will give the player an option to decide how they want to play their Clem, and also provide a little more hope in such a bleak outlook.

  • Why is Clementine such an incredible hand-to-hand fighter? She basically grabs for anything that's lying around and turns it into a deadly weapon. She fights off an adult male twice her size and almost bites off his thumb. I think her gameplay is way too offensive and aggressive and I think she's quite too strong for an eleven-year-old. She can kill walkers almost as easy as Lee, so they are no big threat. I think there is more gameplay potential when playing as a little girl than simply offering her weapons at every turn and letting her use sheer force to deal with dangerous situations. On top of that she even stitches up a big and nasty wound on her arm like Rambo. That's exaggerative.

    The logic in this is simple. Clementine is a smart girl for her age and a quick learner. She's not an incredible hand-to-hand fighter at all, this girl was just simply running for her life from a group of thugs. It's all about instincts. Clementine learned most of the survival tactics from Lee, Omid, and Christa long enough to adapt to it. I think you're over exaggerating on the first paragraph there, buddy. From what I remember, all she did was merely use her quick wits to find a stick and stab through Winston's shoulder, then when he caught her by the leg, she kicked him repeatedly to be free. Next, when Winston captured her from behind, once again, she used her quick wits and bit his thumb. I mean, if you were in her situation, what the heck would you do? I honestly think you'd die in that scenario.

    And why is she so sassy and deceitful now? Her character is rather dark, she exploits her cuteness and can pretend to cry to manipulate people and even blackmail and threaten them into doing something for her. I don't even know this girl. This is not how my Lee raised her for sure. I taught her what's dangerous and how to protect herself, but not how to become a baddie. Where's the moral influence from my choices in Season 1? Keeping your humanity is an important theme in this genre, despite the fact that some of the so called "fans" want it to be as cruel and brutal as possible.

    Well, it's called surviving. Besides, most of the new people were being assholes to her anyways. Clementine is growing up, you have to face the facts. Any normal 8 yr old kid who had to watch people die, their parents die, their best friends die, the person they really love who helped them survive for a year would normally be scarred and messed their mind up a bit. Clem is strong, thanks to Lee and the others. She can now learned not to be afraid & try to survive the best way that you can while being sane.

    The rest of the story seems to be rather weak so far. There is no proper direction yet. In Season 1 you gave the player an important task right from the beginning: To take care of that little girl and try to find her parents. That's what kept me going. But now there's not much to do besides to try to get along with these new people, because you simply can't survive there on your own. The only task is to try to survive only to be alive... And while that seems to be somewhat realistic, it's simply not enough for a proper game plot.

    The main goal is obviously keeping this little girl everyone loves alive. This is what everyone wanted. The people want to know how Clementine is doing after her guardian angel died. (R.I.P Lee) I don't need to explain any further cause this is already simple enough.

    As for your criticism about the group, give the next episode a chance. This is just the first one. Although, I do entirely agree that the first episode is short. It feels like as if I only played it for half an hour when it's like 90 minutes.

    • I found the group way more interesting than the season 1 group. They were all hiding secrets it felt like.

      • That's how I feel. I honestly like season 1's group more, but the season 2 isn't that bad at all from the negative reviews these people gave. The secrets from them made me want to play more of the episodes

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