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Telltale alert timing

posted by julian on - last edited - Viewed by 188 users
I just received the Telltale alert email telling me about the crazy hat sale. I followed the link... and got the message that the hat sale is over...

Small marketing advice: Better timing next time ;)
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  • It's because you were signed up for blog alerts, and that blog was in the batch since the last alert. The hat sale was a last-minute thing we tossed up there on Thursday on a lark, so there really wasn't much planning that went into it. ;)

    Moral of the story: visit Telltale's blog every day, just in case something CRAZY is going on! :p
  • yes ma'am, I will :)

    oh - and thanks, just learned a new phrase: on a lark. Haven't heard that one during my six months in New York :)
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