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In the upcoming episode 2, why do you think they're going to the mountains?

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Any theory's ?

  • we dont know yet but im excited to find out

    • In te preview it sounded like they were being threatened by the guy that came to the cabin, I'm excited too man I wish the episode would just come out already.

  • I don't know. It's interesting that they'd take a pregnant woman with them; for this reason I'd want to say maybe they're moving the group permanently, but then we don't see some characters with them so at the same time I don't know. But what reason could they have to take Rebecca with them?

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    Kenny- BANNED

    I also cant wait

  • Its where Carver could be...aka (Daddy) so thats why rebecca wants to come along.. In the preview they meet (maybe carver's group) and clementine says "I thought you were dead" I think thats the place they are going to in the mountains.

  • I have a awesome theory
    The man comes and does stuff then he comes back again and they tell him to F off. He gets mad and comes back with other guys and burn the wooden cabin down with all of them in it. The catch is that WE choose who to save we choose 5 of them and let 2 die I think. Then you go to the mountains to talk to them.

  • I think because the mountains according to other zombie fanfare like World War Z the mountains are cold and zombies don't flock there. Maybe they have another cabin in the mountains.

    • I think this as well. Going where it is cold is smart when dealing with zombies. Snow would make it even harder for zombies to walk around, and freezing temperatures could outright freeze the zombies stuck to the ground. Only trouble is keeping your self warm and getting food.

    • Well weather doesn't actually affect zombies, they are purely instinctive creatures.
      If it gets cold enough however they could freeze over and no longer be a threat (at least until spring, at which point they would thaw out.)
      I agree though, they're probably heading for the mountains for that reason.

  • Probably because there are less zombies in the mountains. Most zombies originated in populous areas, which is why survivors stay away from cities and hide in the forest. It is also harder or practically impossible for zombies to scale rocky areas.

  • if it takes place near some ski thing(hence the flying chair thing)then there are mountains...(dumbass)

  • They might be trying to get to Wellington after some bandits are threatening them or have already attacked the cabin.

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