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I have figured out one solution to "Can't connect to Telltale server"

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For those of you like me that were not getting an option to log in and would get this message once you clicked start I have found a solution. If you can still get into Walking Dead Season one and it asks you to log in, log in there. Then quit season one of walking dead and start walking dead season 2. Works like a charm for me

  • That didn't work for me, but this did:

    I found a solution. Run Regedit (type into the start menu). Then navigate to hkey_current_user --> software --> Telltale Games. You should see a folder called launcher. Delete that entire folder, then restart the game.

  • This worked for me as well. The only thing I did differently was I left season 1 open in the background after I logged in.

    Steps I took:
    open season 1 icon
    log into telltale account
    press windows key on the keyboard
    open season 2

    As soon as I opened it, it said "connecting..." and went off without a hitch after that.

  • The only reason I couldn't logg on TWAU was because I was constanly trying to logg in with my email instead of my username.
    But how would I know that when I got "Can't connect to Telltale server" that it meant that my username was wrong? I just figured that the Telltale servers was down.

    One solution would be to rename the message to "Wrong password or username" and I would probably have tried that.

  • HidenSeek thanku so much I had the same problem and couldn't figure out what was cousin it and you really helped me.
    TellTale games please fix this problem as quick as possible.

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